A Little Glitter On The Eyes

One of the cosmetics that I have recently discovered is eye glitter. I didn’t think that I would like this product because it seemed like it would be bothersome to the eye area. However, once I saw the colors that Lime Crime sells, it was an immediate love at first sight. Some of the colors that I have tried include green, pink and blue. It’s easy to apply eye glitter if you follow a few simple steps.

Something that I enjoy about eye glitter is that I can put it on my eyelid or around the corner of my eye. I think the hardest thing is choosing colors that work well together. Gold and silver work well with almost any color, but I have noticed that some colors don’t look just right on the skin as they do while they are in the container. Green sometimes looks lighter while blue and purple can look the same if one isn’t a darker shade.

Bright eyeshadow usually works best when using glitter. This will bring out the sparkle. However, you need to choose an eyeshadow that will be the same color of the glitter that you choose or a similar color so that you don’t have a rainbow on your face. I have found that a clear gel or even Vaseline will make the glitter stick a little better than simply putting it on the eye and hoping that it stays. Water isn’t advisable as it will only make the glitter clump together. Once the base is on the eye, I begin applying the glitter. A little bit is enough. I don’t need to apply a lot of the glitter, especially the product that I get at Lime Crime, as it will be plenty to show up on the eye. I like how the glitter shimmers in the light, and it’s a fun accessory to wear while going out at night or to a fun event.

Lime Crime is a favorite online store for cosmetics. The makeup is safe, and there are plenty of colors to choose from with all of the makeup that is sold by the company. If there are any issues with the product, all I have to do is send it back and get a replacement. The makeup is safely tested, and there are no harmful chemicals in the products.

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