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Alexei Beltyukov first launched into the medicine world before changing to entrepreneurship and becoming a philanthropist as his businesses grew. He has a master’s degree in business administration from Insitut Europeen d’Adminstration des Affaires (INSEAD) School of Business. Some of his businesses include, A-Ventures, Endemic Capital, Mechanicus and New Gas Technologies. Alexei Beltyukov is currently serving as the chief operating officer of and director to all the other businesses. He is also popular for the Russian Alumni Scholarship, which serves as the corporate social responsibility arm of his companies. in the Making

This innovative website was launched at EdSurge’s technological conference in April 2015. The website is a platform that allows teachers and students to interact with their academic curriculum, the aim being to monitor the progress of students. A good example is monitoring a student’s progress each time they take a mathematical problem. The website not only provides the answer and different methods to get the answer for each mathematical problem, but it also gives their teachers direction on what they should focus on when making lesson plans for their remedial classes. This also helps teachers to identify the students who need extra attention. has since become a household name in the academic sector.

The focus that provides also shows how Alexei Beltyukov values continuous education. Even so, he has employed more EdTech experts to ensure the website remains efficient. also features in the LaunchingNext, a listing of the most promising startups in the world. allows teachers to generate assignments according to international accepted parameters hence, creating effective and timely learning procedures. In addition, the website does not provide multiple choice questions, which means students have to sharpen their typing skills even as they work out their answers. The website also changes the mindset of students so that they not only focus on getting the answers but also learning from their mistakes.


Alexei Beltyukov started his career in 1998 with McKinsley & Company and was able to climb the corporate ladder to become the engagement manager, which meant he was part of the Russian rail reform. He later on started his own business with the skills he gained from his early years in his career. Alexei Beltyukov has since established himself in different industries and his commitment and creativity comes a long way in enabling him to fit well in international trading.

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