The evolution of Android Applications

Android, developed by Google, has undergone incredible changes that have been aimed at improving the document. It is evident that Android applications have become very popular like Skout because of the advantages, which they offer users. The technology has been in the market for slightly less than a decade, but it has been able to overtake other traditional technologies that have been around for a long time. It has been argued that the Smartphone and Android technologies have exhibited a very high rate of evolution not seen before.

The beginning
The year 2008 saw a beginning in a new era in the mobile telephone arena. At this time, T-Mobile G1 was launched in the United States, and it had an Android application. During this time, the version that was available in the market did not have features, which now seem very necessary. Some of the features, which were missing included multi-touch capability, on-screen keyboard, paid applications, and many other that have been introduced lately. However, it is vital to note that a foundation had been set, and this was a basis upon which more applications were developed and continue to be developed every other day.

Android has a defaulter user interface that uses direct manipulation as a means of data input. Most of these activities correspond to real life activities like pinching, swapping, swiping, and many more actions. The on-screen objects provide an interface for manipulation and is often used in combination with the keyboard. When the user initiates commands, the feedback is instant, and this is possible with the use of fluid touch screen.

Proximity sensors, accelerometers, and gyroscopes are some of the hardware capabilities that make the Android operations worthwhile. Some of the activities, which are done with the aid of these hardware capabilities include changing screen inclination (portrait or landscape), changing resolution among other activities. Gaming applications often make use of the hardware capabilities. In fact, some games require that the phone should have superior hardware to be able to function optimally.

Memory management
In contrast to desktop applications, Android applications are designed to manage their memory with the aim of keeping power consumption. The capabilities are alive because the applications are battery powered. The system is developed in such a way that when the application is no longer in use, it will be suspended while it will look “open”. When an application is suspended, it will not use any resources on the phone. They will remain in the background until when they will be required. As a result, it improves the device responsiveness because the applications remain in an open state and would not require re-launching.

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