The Downfall of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a notable businessman who back in 2006 established a hedge fund that’s known as Hayman Capital Management, L.P. The company is located in Dallas, Texas. Bass has been going through a rough patch recently due to some bad career decisions he’s made.

Bass was a big news story a number of years ago when he guessed that the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 was going to happen. Anticipating that major financial disaster gave him temporary positive status in the public eye. People who witnessed Bass in action at the time started to think that he was a brilliant mastermind and that everything he touched would instantly turn into success.

Something happened, however. That simple something is the years going on. Since then, things haven’t exactly been going swimmingly for Bass. Although he did have his day in the sun years ago, life hasn’t exactly been grand to him since then. The former Midas effect Bass seems to have had on everything in his career is now for all intents and purposes totally nonexistent. The decisions he’s made in the past few years all, for lack of a better word, seem to be awful. The worst part is that he’s made these poor decisions all while the market has been closely watching him. He’s made frequent television appearances in which he’s offered his opinions on subjects in a matter that seemed rather pompous and overly confident. Many people believe that the opinions he’s offered on television accomplish nothing more than catering to his own specific agenda.

Many also believe that Bass has established poor friendships. Although the majority of people out there seem to think unfavorably of the President of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Bass is constantly making absolutely glowing statements about the politician. He even supported her after the 2014 debacle involving the South American nation’s sovereign debt.

People often wonder why Bass seems to be so enamored by Argentina. They often wonder what things he may have going on there that are influencing him to behave in such a bizarre and nonsensical manner, too.

Another business connection Bass has that has people shaking their heads involves Chris Kyle, the late inspiration behind the hit Bradley Cooper film “American Sniper.” Kyle’s widow is presently in the midst of a complicated lawsuit against an employee at Hayman. Kyle’s wife Taya alleges that the Hayman worker has participated in various immoral actions.

People are confused by watching Bass’ downfall. They can’t understand why he was hailed as such a hero only several short years ago and now can’t seem to do anything right. People are also guessing what types of things may be in store for the troubled businessman.

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