A Young Woman That Lived Thro

Yeonmi Park is a young woman that has seen many horrors in her short life, but she has been able to overcome them and she is putting all of her experiences in her autobiography. Yeonmi Park was born on October 4, 1993. She was born in North Korea it was about hundred and 50 miles from the border with China. Life was very restricted in North Korea, but Park thought that that was the only way to live. When she was only nine years old she was invited to watch her best friend’s mother being shot for watching South Korea films and giving those DVDs out to friends. It was a horrible event, but it was something that was quite common in North Korea. North Korea is a very paranoid country, and they give the most harshest punishments for anything that can let lead people to forming their own opinions.

Parks has been well renowned as a very famous woman because she defected from North Korea along with her family. Parks wrote her all telling memoir called “In Order To Live.” This is an autobiography about her family’s fight to get out of North Korea, and later their reunification in China. At one time her family was part of the elite class in North Korea, but her father was later arrested and thrown into prison. After getting ill in prison he was released, and he immediately set into place a plan to get his family out of North Korea. Parks father decided to send her and her mother and her sister first North Korea, and in the shuffle her sister got lost, her mother got raped, and they barely made it through the journey.

Missionaries from China and Korea helped Parks and her mother to relocate to Mongolia and her journey finally ended in 2007. Parks later became a full-time activist when it comes to human rights in North Korea. She has spoken publicly about her life in North Korea in different countries and on many different forums. Parks is an avid activist of youngvoicesadvocates and for the Freedom Factory Corporation, and she and she also became a member of liberty in North Korea which is an organization that helps to rescue North Korean refugees. Parks has told her story on many different American radio shows, and also she is spoken at me different colleges. Parks has quickly risen as one of North Korea’s most popular defectors, because she is truly a champion in the fight for freedom and liberty in her country of birth and beyond.

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