Qnet; A Company For The People

QNet is a company whose interest falls in encouraging entrepreneurship through facilitating a favorable environment for self employment. This is because the company gives individuals opportunity to let their creativity show in marketing of the company’s products. QNet also gives a chance for their employees to showcase their products. The determining factor of the product being taken up by the company is quality. This company is also positivity to the treasury as it makes sure the taxes are paid on a timely basis.

The vision of this company lays in India as it has expressed its intention to shift their offices there. The reason for favoring this country falls in the fact that India offers the best market opportunity for the market as their profit range has continued growing at the highest rate of 100%. A figure that the company is certain will remain. The laws of India are also conducive to the company’s plans where the government passed a motion to fix the legislature concerning direct selling ventures; a characteristic of the company.

QNet Company deals with manufacturing of nutritional products such as the healthy energy giving drink known as Nutriplus. The company also deals with lifestyle products such as watches and electronic gadgets. The company has been in the market for sixteen years. The guiding force behind the company is improvement of life which has enabled them to increase their market to schools and to the focus on products that enrich the human body such as their skin based products. They endorse a strict vegetarian diet which has numerous benefits.

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the company; whose origin is Hong Kong in 1998. The company’s initial name was GoldQuest. QNet is a branch of the successful QI group. Their first focus in the venture was in the travel industry which dealt with those vacationing. Their offices run throughout the Asian, African and Middle East continent. The company has also expanded to European countries and the recent being Russia.

Apart from using direct selling; which involves engaging the potential customers on a face to face selling of the product as their marketing strategy, the company also uses Multi-Level Marketing. This mode involves rewarding the sales person for the promotion of their product and also for bringing in more people to sell their product.

In August 2014, Manchester City conveyed to the public the partnership between the club and QNet Company. The two giants have one thing in common; they are both philanthropic. That is, their focus lies in helping people. Their partnership offers a great opportunity in improvement of the sport facilities around the globe. QNet also gives sports sponsorships in conjunction with the Marrusia Formula One team.

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