The Life And Career Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright became the newest member on the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, on May 19th, 2015. He holds the position as Chief Financial Office and Executive Vice President. He works entails government agencies, education, and real estate developers. The NCEDC works as a go between to help develop Newark. Their main purpose is to focus on businesses, making sure that they remain in the city, also attracting real estate development. They help small and minority businesses to maximize growth and development. This way the companies can produce jobs, making it possible for citizens to get jobs, and have productive lives.

They give these companies grants to improve the front of their establishments, making more attractive to attract customers. Companies that are looking to expand in Newark, get loans for large projects. If one is planning to start up a business in Newark, the Newark CEDC has counseling services for such individuals. There are also some perks, for instance: tax credits and exemptions at the State level . And for those who want to advertise their business at local theaters, there is a discount.

Xing shows you pretty quickly that Kevin Seawright comes with thirteen years of experience under his belt. His background is that of being a financial manager for the government agencies on the East Coast. In Baltimore, he was the mastermind behind a new accounting system, this help save the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement, more than $100,000. He also held a position on the housing Authority of Baltimore, there he was the Payroll director, soon moving on to the Department of Recreation and Parks, where he held the position as the Chief Financial Officer.

For all of his services and hard work for the city of Baltimore, he was then appointed Deputy Chief Operating Officer in Education, where he worked for six years. Real estate and people with small business is also another of his strongest passion, this is why he became a director for Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors, Washington, DC. There he managed the budget quite efficiently. He likes to work as a go between with management and employees, by handling any questions that may arise, so this way if there is any dispute, he can resolve them.

Mr Seawright is currently on a $20 million project, where they can create jobs and stimulate the economy. He holds membership at the American Society for Public Administrators, also the National Black Public Administrators, and last but certain not least, the National Association of Black Accountants.

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