One of the leading investment personalities in the world

Many states worldwide have invested a lot of money in the financial investment. This has led to the growth of various types of businesses across the world. The capital market has also benefited a lot from the financial investment field. As such, many individuals have gained interest in investing in the financial investment sector. As a result, many investment companies have rapidly developed in the recent years to offer employment opportunities to many people. Ken Griffin is among the top financial investment personalities in United States of America. He is the Co-Founder and President of Citadel global investment firm. He was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1968 and started investing immediately he joined the university. During his second years at the Harvard University, Ken Griffin started investing from money he got from friends and family members. He later borrowed money from his grandmother to further boost his investment fund. His initiative to invest in the investment market made him connect satellite links to the dormitory to receive market data on how the economy moved. As a result he built an investment firm worth 265,000 dollars during the course of his study. Due to this increased innovations, after graduating from the Harvard University with a degree in economics in 1989, Frank Meyer gave her 1million dollars to invest. Ken Griffin used the opportunity he had been given to invest and improved on the investment opportunities which made him to succeed. He made good investment of the money he was given and returned almost 70% of the investment within a short period.
Ken Griffin later moved and established Citadel LLC in 1990 with an estimated capital of 4.5million dollars. He later employed his good leadership and governance skills that made the company to grow steadily in asset generation. In 1998 the company had grown into one of the most notable companies in USA with over 100employees and net worth of approximately 1billion dollars. These achievements made him to be recognized by many notable organizations in the country. The Forbes magazine in its release of the 400 richest people in America, Ken Griffin was ranked position 89. This was a great achievement since the development of the investment firm in 1990. His development and good leadership initiatives have also earned him respect in the international arena. He was honored by the Harvard University where the university renamed its Financial Aid Office after Ken Griffin. This was in respect to his generous support of the university programs where he donated over 150 million dollars to support needy students to access education. His exemplary leadership at Citadel LLC has made it to grow and be among the top investment companies in the world with an accumulation net worth of over 24billion dollars. In 2015, he moved and bought 200million dollars complex on Manhattan tower which is still under construction. In addition to his contribution to the investment field, Ken Griffin has contributed a lot of resources towards the philanthropic world. He is also a member of many organizational boards of management.

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