Beneful Makes Tasty Products That Keep Your Best Friend Healthy and Happy

Beneful is one of the best dog food brands on the market, and it is easy to see why. With a wide range of dog food and treats that are all designed to keep your favorite canine companion happy and healthy Beneful has become a brand you can rely on.

Original Dry Dog Food

One of Beneful’s most popular types of dog food and dog treats is their original dry dog food. Chock full of all the nutrients your dog needs, including plenty of real meat that you can see and your dog can taste, this dog food comes in beef, chicken, and salmon varieties that your dog will love.

Healthy Puppy

Puppies are busy growing and need plenty of energy and extra nutrients at this critical time in their lives to ensure that they grow up to be healthy active dogs. This specially formulated dry dog food is designed to help keep young dogs happy and healthy. This chicken based food also has lots of peas and carrots. It also has DHA, which is an essential nutrient that puppies need for healthy brain and eye development.

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges

Your Dog will love these unique treats, and you will love how they keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy. These tasty treats are more than just a fun, tasty way to reward your dog for being a “good boy” or a good” girl. Like all of Beneful’s products, these treats are formulated with input from scientists, including nutritionists and veterinarians. These treats help reduce plaque and tartar build-up, which is important for keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and helps to prevent disease.

Chopped Blends

This high-quality blend of wet dog food has nutrition that you can see. Whole pieces of chopped meat, vegetables, and grains make up this delicious and nutritious dog food that your pet will love. Made with ingredients like whole beef, chicken, barley, rice, peas, and carrots, you dog will love the taste of this special food. And just like all of Beneful’s quality dog foods, this wet dog food is made with the nutritional needs of your dog in mind.

Healthy Weight

Sometimes man’s best friend needs a little help to lose a few pounds. Just like humans dogs are at their healthiest when they stay in the right weight range, and exercise isn’t always enough to keep it in check. This specially formulated dog food is a leaner, healthier version of the Original Dry Dog Food that is designed to keep your dog lean and healthy so they can live a long life.



Healing With The Pros

Comeback ON Hold
For anyone that has been looking at the fine print with the Chicago real estate you will know that even with recovery well under way there are still major parties of the market that still have issues making good with their healing.With the high end areas making fast work of their jobs the lower end areas that are more unstable with their conditions are taking the blunt of the issues.

Even though that people are willing to buy into areas that are in desperate need of repair that is still not enough for the lower half of the city to fully heal.The reason behind this slow task is due to the fact that buyers are looking for areas that not only have homes that they can buy but also other features that make their purchase worth it.To your surprise this is not the first time due to the fact that some of these areas have been known even in good times to have a less then perfect record with sales.

However despite all of the issues these areas are slowly making their return to peace with small pockets of buyers over the course of the past two years helping the more trouble areas regain their place within the market.It may be slow but as long has it maintains its pace it will be more then enough.

One Of The Leaders
There are many man that work behind the scenes to make the city better on all levels.One of them is no other then Majeed Ekbal.Since the later half of the 20th century Majeed along with others have taken time to make the city more advance with the little things.Majeed would make his mark by upgrading the food industry with groceries stores.How he would do this is by using the power of the modern internet and mixing it with the cell phone on the go online ordering.Today his work has more then payed off but there was a time where it did not at all.

Past Efforts
Before this project began to gain power the nature of the tech being used by Majeed did not leave any room for success.Even though Majeed saw the drive of the market there was no chance until the next gen of the market.Good news is that as time passed so did the failure of the project.Today Majeed Ekbal is more then successful.

Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Experience

Going to a lacrosse camp can greatly improve your playing ability. In addition, there are many lacrosse camps to choose from. However, some of them provide a much better experience than others. Some lacrosse camps are also much more effective than others. An example of one lacrosse camp that is both an enjoyable experience and effective is Next Level Lacrosse. This camp was partially founded by a man named Jon Urbana, who does an excellent job on Twitter with the camp.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp is located in Colorado. The camp is not only taught by Urbana, but Denver lacrosse players are also involved in the teaching. Jon Urbana himself used to be a lacrosse player for the Denver Outlaws. The camp is known as one of the best places to go for lacrosse camp in Colorado. It’s currently possible to sign up for next year’s camp!

Jon Urbana has grown up in the city of Denver, Colorado. He’s also been involved in the lacrosse world for a long time, acting as a key player on a successful Villanova Wildcats team. He also is very skilled as a lacrosse player, and he has used this talent to his advantage. Urbana’s resume shows that he played for the Denver Outlaws for a significant period of time, and he was a very good player.

Then, Urbana decided to use his lacrosse talent as an entrepreneurial activity. He worked with another man to start Next Level Lacrosse. This lacrosse camp grew from its beginnings, and it is now very well-known.

Part of the reason why it has become so well-known and well respected is because of Jon Urbana’s past with the Denver Outlaws and his celebrity status on Facebook. He also wanted other well known lacrosse players to coach those who go to the camp, and that has been an integral part of the camps approach. His strategies of how to run the camp have made the camp into a very successful and profitable establishment. He even penned an essay about this that was published to his Slideshare.

In addition to running Next Level Lacrosse, he also works in high level management for another company called Ellipse USA. This company is completely unrelated to lacrosse. In fact, it is a company that specializes in skin treatments using laser technology. His business and marketing skills on his resume have helped the corporation to be successful. He also has a number of hobbies on the side, one of which involves flying a small airplane. Believe it or not, he was somehow recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and added to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database. There’s also a video producer somewhere inside this lacrosse player, and the one below really showcases Urbana’s creative spirit.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

This was made to help raise awareness for a GoFundMe drive underway in the name of Earth Force. The $1,750 he plans to raise will be used to help the organization expand its reach beyond the Denver area.

Next Level Lacrosse is a very well known and successful lacrosse camp. Its founder Jon Urbana is equally well known in both the sports and business worlds.

However, he is known for a lot more than the camp and his business career. He is an exceptional photographer (photos below), and a lacrosse player who has played for a very well known team, The Denver Outlaws. Furthermore, his talent in business and marketing has helped to propel him to success with not only the lacrosse camp but also with Ellipse USA.


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A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on


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QNET Is About Starting a Business

What is QNET? It is new and it is dynamic! It is how the ordinary guy can follow his dream. QNET is about a little guy becoming a businessman. The founders of QNET are on a mission to improve the quality of life for many people, and their leadership talks about growing people.

QNET is a fast growing business that is on the cutting edge of the direct sales industry. Originally, they were owned by the QI Group that sells various products such as weight management, nutrition, homecare, personal care and much more. Vijay Eswaran began the company in Hong Kong in 1998. Now, it has greatly expanded. Its offices are in many countries all over the world. The first company was GoldQuest, and in 2002 it diversified to include travel and vacations. QI acquired a British telecommunications company, QI Comm. In 2006, the company moved into marketing energy and health products, and in 20007, QNET bought “Down to Earth” (DTE). DTE is a chain store that sells vegetarian organic foods in Hawaii.

The founders of QNET are on a quest to bring a better life to others both in terms of a mind/body state and a personal entrepreneurial skill. They talk about Gandhi as a great inspiration to them. This great leader, Gandhi, was an inspired leader and humanitarian. The values of a humanitarian include caring, charity and public inspiration. Their mission is to empower others to take charge of their lives so that they can reach their life goals. It is their business to be the inspiration to others.

QNET contributes to the wellbeing of the mind/body through a concept RHYTHM. RHYTHM is “raise yourself to help mankind.” They consider that their leadership in the direct selling industry can be a positive influence in developing marketing communities throughout the world. They state that their core values are to care to others, to server the world community, and, most significant, they value integrity. They consider honest central to their hearts. (see QNET’s website).

QNET is a business that considers people working in the company as their greatest treasure. This great treasure should be nurtured and developed. They are proud that they embrace cultural diversity. This is demonstrated in the fact that their teams are drawn from as many as 30 different countries, and they serve customers in over 100 countries. They consider themselves rich in ethnic diversity.

They business model is a multi-level marketing model. The independent representatives or employees receive income based on the amount of sales. The employees also receive money for referring others to become independent sales representatives. The employees receive a percentage of the money made from the sales that the representatives make.

A World of Art in the Sender House

“Pop-Up Exhibition” in the Sender house was a success, something Adam and Lenore Sender had been planning for quite some time. The thought of having all this beautiful art and not being able to exhibit and enjoy its beauty was difficult for the Senders to accept.

Since their move from their penthouse in the SoHo Area of Manhattan to Miami Beach, they have been working on their first exhibit in one of their homes in Miami they were planning to sell. They decided before putting the vacant home on the market for sale they would create the “Pop-Up Exhibition” they had been discussing.

Adam Sender’s Curator, Sarah Aibel, managed the display arrangements and setup. A few of the artist works on display are Richard Price, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. The Senders, of course, have artwork throughout their home, but this exhibit is for additional enjoyment sharing the “Pop-Up” with their friends too. They hope to do a second display showing other items in the Sender Collection. The entire collection consists of over 1000 pieces of select art. Adam Sender says that many of the items he has purchased have very nostalgic memories connected to their purchase. Adam enjoys memorable experiences especially when they connected to the art world.

Adam Sender has come a long way since his Hedge Fund days on Wall Street and isn’t looking back. His investments in the art have replaced his interest in Hedge Funds, and he invests in the art for pleasure and investment. Although the word is that many of the artist’s works he owns have increased considerably in value since his purchase. Adam has said that he does not buy art in the hopes of making an artist famous, but that the artist is already famous just hasn’t received the recognition as yet.

Hopefully, the Senders will still be visiting New York exploring the possibilities of new purchases to add to an already extensive collection of art. One item Adam Sender purchased earlier this year was a surprise to everyone. A college-ruled piece of paper with the words to Bob Dylan’s ever so popular song from the 60’s “Times They Are aChangin”. This song was one of Bob Dylan’s ever popular songs written during the Vietnam War movement and is recognized even today with tremendous popularity. The extraordinary price this brought at auction was $422,000 and expected to sell for approximately $1.4M. What a return on investment for such a short-term investment, and a real feather in Dylan’s cap. A song Dylan wrote over fifty years ago, and still enjoys popularity today is resurrected by this sale and regrowth in popularity.

It is exciting thinking of the future pieces of art Adam Sender plans on purchasing.

The Overview of Real Estate in Brazil

The Brazil housing market has expanded during the past several years, with the increase in investment strategies and the development of airports, ports, roads and energy projects. The sector has also played a very big role in the South American Economy .Let’s have a look at some of the real estate companies in Brazil.

MRV real estate Company
MRV is the third biggest Brazil homebuilder and real estate organization. The organization was established in 1979 and is located in Belo Horizonte and owned by Brazil millionaire Rubens Meni

Gafisa Real Estate Company
Gafisa is the 4th greatest Brazil personal development and real estate organization. It is centered in São Paulo and present in various places in South America. The owned by Grettle Garrabrant, (Chairman) and Alceu Duilio Calciolari, (CEO).

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentors
Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos was founded in 2005 In.the Company is located in Rio De Janiero and has a great interest in the hotel and residential development. The Company has shown excellence from its inception
Cabral Garcia has had significant developments, and one of the most major establishments is the Townhomes Resort Lapa, and that was considered a top quality product, with excellent profits, and later obtained market identification with ADEMI Master 2013. Currently they’re looking to build out in Rio’s West Zone, which has become a development hotspot.

Brookfield Brazil
Brookfield is a subsidiary of Brookfield Resource Management Inc., an openly organized organization centered in Canada that has been functional since 1899 in Brazil. . Brookfield Brazil invests in property, facilities, forestry, farming, private value equity and financial.

Cyrela South Reality
Cyrela Brazil Realty is the greatest homebuilder and real estate organization by income and market value in South Brazil. Cyrela Brazil Reality is Founded in 1962 and has their offices located in São Paulo, owned by the CEO Elie Hornis.

Even real Estate
Even is a Brazil development and housing organization established in 2002 and centered in São Paulo. The company formed from the mixture of the actions of ABC Construtora e Incorporadora and Terepins e Kali Engenharia e Construções and is one of the greatest.

Rossi Residencial
Rossi Residencial is the 6th most powerful Brazil personal development company established in 1913, and the head office is in São Paulo. Possessed by João Rossi Cuppoloni,(Chairman)
Heitor Cantergiani, (CEO)

The real estate in South America is growing at a very first rate with very many property organizations coming up since it remains to be among the most attractive investments. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro remain as the two cities with the largest house price increase.

Bernardo Chua Should Be Respected For His Wise Choices

Bernardo Chua has made many smart choices in his career, and one of the smartest things that he has ever done is to start up his own business built around the Chinese herb that he knew to hold many health benefits. He started up his company and did many great things with it because of how he felt about the herb, and he has been able to have a huge amount of success because of the previous experience that he had in the business world. He worked for many years for various companies before starting up a business of his own, and every day that he was on the job he was constantly learning something new, which Wikipedia writes is one of his most endearing attributes.

Bernardo Chua is one of those people who inspires by his ambition, and his inspirational videos. He is a man who has never been afraid of doing big and bold things, and he was excited to get his company up and running when he felt that it was time to make that happen. He’s written on Medium about how he took all of his experience and used it to create the best company possible, and he can feel great about what he has done now that he sees all of the success that his company is having. He can feel good each time that he delivers his products to someone new because of how healthy those products are, and because it was all because of him that his company has been able to get such a great start.

There are some people who just seem to know how to make better choices in their career than most, and social media shows Bernardo Chua is one of those people. He should be greatly respected for all of the wise things that he has done, and he should be looked up to by every young person who is wanting to do something great.  He does not have the resume of someone who just accepts their lot in life.  Bernardo wants to do more.

A Well Known Writer: Jaime Garcia Dias

The world is a strange one, and in continual flux. Nations are always rising and falling; and if they’re not in some echelon of rise or fall, then necessarily they’re in a mode of stagnation. Sometimes they’re just treading water and trying to keep up with the Joneses, nationally speaking; and sometimes they’re positively bipolar in their global impact. One place like that is Brazil; specifically Rio de Janeiro. Only in Rio could you have the beauty, pageantry, spectacle, and celebration that is Carnivale, and at the same time have the slums and crime skirting the metropolis which was made known to the northern world in Cuidad De Dios, or “City of God”. Naturally, from such an environment will come exceptional authors. When there is exceptional juxtaposition in a region, there are always those ideally suited to observe it and interpret it. Fiction as a medium of education is one of the most important there is. People learn things through fiction which cannot be learned any other way. It’s just how the human mind works. People tend to understand things in parables better than directly. Think of it like this: It’s easier to see an engine working, than to have it explained to you. And in that qualifying sentence, a mental parable has just been explored; allowing the reader better understanding and illustrating the point perfectly.

With that in mind, it should be no surprise that Jaime Garcia Dias has become well known. As a wordpress blogger, and as a pioneer in Brazilian literature, he paints the truth of the region in the way only a local with the right acumen truly can. A man of forty-five, he’s been writing since 1985, when he was fifteen years old and embarked on his first novel. He’s seen first hand how the climate and atmosphere of Rio has changed in the last thirty years, and his novels–though not entirely concerned with Rio particularly–definitely emphasize cultural changes in the region. Subject matter, regardless of genre, always reflects the area from which it emanates. Consider the film “Star Wars”. That’s seventies America to a “T”, special effects notwithstanding.

Devoted to the advancement of Brazilian literature with a proven career track record, Jaime Garcia Dias recently became president of the Carioca Literature Academy. The Carioca Literature Academy is an institution which specializes in giving kids a chance to professionally study literature after high school. Jaime Garcia Dias began work there in 1995, and has continued writing and educating to the present day. Right now he has twenty novels in print. In the prime of his career, it is likely he will continue to write well into the twenty-first century. If he keeps his health about him, he may be prolific well past its very middle if his tweets are any indication!

Brian Torchin Is A Leader In Healthcare Staffing

In his bio it’s said that Brian Torchin serves as president of Health Care Recuitment Counselors LLC, and Brian speaks around the country about issues that relate directly to the health care workforce. Graduates leave school every year hoping to find jobs in the healthcare world, and Brian wants graduates to understand the best ways to get jobs. This article explores how Brian has made the healthcare staffing industry an enviable place to be.

#1: Staffing Agencies Are No Longer Shady

Staffing agencies were once seen as shady, but new staffing agencies are using only certified staffers for their clients and the chiropractor field is booming so demand has never been higher. A graduate may send their resume to a staffing agency, and the staffing agency will help that graduate find many different jobs in a short period of time. Graduates who work for staffing agencies may go to work for many different offices, and these graduates may choose the first office that hires them permanently.

#2: Staffing At Higher Levels Is Made Easier

Staffing agencies make staffing management and administrative positions much simpler, and with the advent of social media it’s easier than ever to find opportunities. These agencies do all the work for each office, and doctors or nurses who want to move into management may work with staffing agencies to get the results they want. Someone who is looking for a promotion may ask advice from the staffing agency, and the staffing agency will float the resumes of their clients to many different companies.

#3: Staffing Agencies Move Quickly

Staffing agencies quickly fill positions at the request of their clients, and these positions may be in any part of an office. Medical professionals who have graduated from school can get a job quickly, and that temporary job may become a permanent job in a few months. Brian believes that staffing agencies will help introduce more medical professionals to new employers, and employers will have their pick of graduates who just entered the job market.

Brian Torchin is a medical innovator who helps his clients fill positions in their offices and facilities every day. His videos about recruitment, but also finding opportunity are also especially popular. His expertise in the medical industry is in staffing, and he recruits thousands of people every year to work in the healthcare field. Healthcare is a growing industry that needs thousands of new employees every year, and Brian recommends that all college graduates go to a staffing agency to find a new job. These staffing agencies help fill positions quickly, and new workers will have their choice of many different jobs that they have found through the staffing firm. Find Brian on Google + if you want to see any more.

How To Hire A Reliable Lawyer

Are you in need of legal representation in Brazil? Looking for a good lawyer to handle your case in Brazil? It is advisable to do your research before choosing a lawyer.

Experience is essential when choosing a lawyer for your case in Brazil. If you choose a lawyer who has great experience and expertise in the area of law you need help with, then you can rest assured that your case will be handled properly and you can expect to get the best possible outcome.

It is advisable that you hire a legal advisor who has a good reputation in the field. There are numerous legal advisors out there offering to provide you with good representation however not all legal advisors are created equal. You need to remember this as you look for the right lawyer for you.

There are several ways that people go about looking for a lawyer. Some people ask for recommendations from the people they associate with. Others talk to relatives, friends and colleagues, to find out if they have dealt with any lawyer. There are those who find lawyers through their doctor, accountant or other professional they know and trust.

Once you have gathered a few names from trusted sources, you still need to do your own research, to make sure the lawyer you have in mind is reliable. Perform a thorough background check, and be sure to visit the lawyer’s website as well. Browse the website, read the policies, and get in touch with the lawyer or his or her assistant.

Most lawyers offer a free consultation, which is a great opportunity for you to present your concerns and ask questions about the issue you are dealing with. It is also a great way to find out if the lawyer is a good fit for your case. So pay attention to the lawyer and his or her response to your questions. Once you have a competent lawyer, you can expect to achieve a desirable outcome.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a renowned litigation strategist in Brazil, has provided effective legal advice and representation for many years. Ricardo Tosto’s wordpress blog shows that he is well known for achieving excellent results for his clients, and he represents both individual and corporate clients. He takes the time to analyze a case and the circumstances surrounding the issue at hand, and then develops his unique strategy for the best possible outcome.