A Well Known Writer: Jaime Garcia Dias

The world is a strange one, and in continual flux. Nations are always rising and falling; and if they’re not in some echelon of rise or fall, then necessarily they’re in a mode of stagnation. Sometimes they’re just treading water and trying to keep up with the Joneses, nationally speaking; and sometimes they’re positively bipolar in their global impact. One place like that is Brazil; specifically Rio de Janeiro. Only in Rio could you have the beauty, pageantry, spectacle, and celebration that is Carnivale, and at the same time have the slums and crime skirting the metropolis which was made known to the northern world in Cuidad De Dios, or “City of God”. Naturally, from such an environment will come exceptional authors. When there is exceptional juxtaposition in a region, there are always those ideally suited to observe it and interpret it. Fiction as a medium of education is one of the most important there is. People learn things through fiction which cannot be learned any other way. It’s just how the human mind works. People tend to understand things in parables better than directly. Think of it like this: It’s easier to see an engine working, than to have it explained to you. And in that qualifying sentence, a mental parable has just been explored; allowing the reader better understanding and illustrating the point perfectly.

With that in mind, it should be no surprise that Jaime Garcia Dias has become well known. As a wordpress blogger, and as a pioneer in Brazilian literature, he paints the truth of the region in the way only a local with the right acumen truly can. A man of forty-five, he’s been writing since 1985, when he was fifteen years old and embarked on his first novel. He’s seen first hand how the climate and atmosphere of Rio has changed in the last thirty years, and his novels–though not entirely concerned with Rio particularly–definitely emphasize cultural changes in the region. Subject matter, regardless of genre, always reflects the area from which it emanates. Consider the film “Star Wars”. That’s seventies America to a “T”, special effects notwithstanding.

Devoted to the advancement of Brazilian literature with a proven career track record, Jaime Garcia Dias recently became president of the Carioca Literature Academy. The Carioca Literature Academy is an institution which specializes in giving kids a chance to professionally study literature after high school. Jaime Garcia Dias began work there in 1995, and has continued writing and educating to the present day. Right now he has twenty novels in print. In the prime of his career, it is likely he will continue to write well into the twenty-first century. If he keeps his health about him, he may be prolific well past its very middle if his tweets are any indication!

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