The Overview of Real Estate in Brazil

The Brazil housing market has expanded during the past several years, with the increase in investment strategies and the development of airports, ports, roads and energy projects. The sector has also played a very big role in the South American Economy .Let’s have a look at some of the real estate companies in Brazil.

MRV real estate Company
MRV is the third biggest Brazil homebuilder and real estate organization. The organization was established in 1979 and is located in Belo Horizonte and owned by Brazil millionaire Rubens Meni

Gafisa Real Estate Company
Gafisa is the 4th greatest Brazil personal development and real estate organization. It is centered in São Paulo and present in various places in South America. The owned by Grettle Garrabrant, (Chairman) and Alceu Duilio Calciolari, (CEO).

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentors
Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos was founded in 2005 In.the Company is located in Rio De Janiero and has a great interest in the hotel and residential development. The Company has shown excellence from its inception
Cabral Garcia has had significant developments, and one of the most major establishments is the Townhomes Resort Lapa, and that was considered a top quality product, with excellent profits, and later obtained market identification with ADEMI Master 2013. Currently they’re looking to build out in Rio’s West Zone, which has become a development hotspot.

Brookfield Brazil
Brookfield is a subsidiary of Brookfield Resource Management Inc., an openly organized organization centered in Canada that has been functional since 1899 in Brazil. . Brookfield Brazil invests in property, facilities, forestry, farming, private value equity and financial.

Cyrela South Reality
Cyrela Brazil Realty is the greatest homebuilder and real estate organization by income and market value in South Brazil. Cyrela Brazil Reality is Founded in 1962 and has their offices located in São Paulo, owned by the CEO Elie Hornis.

Even real Estate
Even is a Brazil development and housing organization established in 2002 and centered in São Paulo. The company formed from the mixture of the actions of ABC Construtora e Incorporadora and Terepins e Kali Engenharia e Construções and is one of the greatest.

Rossi Residencial
Rossi Residencial is the 6th most powerful Brazil personal development company established in 1913, and the head office is in São Paulo. Possessed by João Rossi Cuppoloni,(Chairman)
Heitor Cantergiani, (CEO)

The real estate in South America is growing at a very first rate with very many property organizations coming up since it remains to be among the most attractive investments. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro remain as the two cities with the largest house price increase.

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