A World of Art in the Sender House

“Pop-Up Exhibition” in the Sender house was a success, something Adam and Lenore Sender had been planning for quite some time. The thought of having all this beautiful art and not being able to exhibit and enjoy its beauty was difficult for the Senders to accept.

Since their move from their penthouse in the SoHo Area of Manhattan to Miami Beach, they have been working on their first exhibit in one of their homes in Miami they were planning to sell. They decided before putting the vacant home on the market for sale they would create the “Pop-Up Exhibition” they had been discussing.

Adam Sender’s Curator, Sarah Aibel, managed the display arrangements and setup. A few of the artist works on display are Richard Price, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. The Senders, of course, have artwork throughout their home, but this exhibit is for additional enjoyment sharing the “Pop-Up” with their friends too. They hope to do a second display showing other items in the Sender Collection. The entire collection consists of over 1000 pieces of select art. Adam Sender says that many of the items he has purchased have very nostalgic memories connected to their purchase. Adam enjoys memorable experiences especially when they connected to the art world.

Adam Sender has come a long way since his Hedge Fund days on Wall Street and isn’t looking back. His investments in the art have replaced his interest in Hedge Funds, and he invests in the art for pleasure and investment. Although the word is that many of the artist’s works he owns have increased considerably in value since his purchase. Adam has said that he does not buy art in the hopes of making an artist famous, but that the artist is already famous just hasn’t received the recognition as yet.

Hopefully, the Senders will still be visiting New York exploring the possibilities of new purchases to add to an already extensive collection of art. One item Adam Sender purchased earlier this year was a surprise to everyone. A college-ruled piece of paper with the words to Bob Dylan’s ever so popular song from the 60’s “Times They Are aChangin”. This song was one of Bob Dylan’s ever popular songs written during the Vietnam War movement and is recognized even today with tremendous popularity. The extraordinary price this brought at auction was $422,000 and expected to sell for approximately $1.4M. What a return on investment for such a short-term investment, and a real feather in Dylan’s cap. A song Dylan wrote over fifty years ago, and still enjoys popularity today is resurrected by this sale and regrowth in popularity.

It is exciting thinking of the future pieces of art Adam Sender plans on purchasing.

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