Jon Urbana is Flying High on Passion

A product of Denver, entrepreneur Jon Urbana recently has been accepted as part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airmen Certification Database, an association that enforces standards which are some of the most paramount in the world. The FAA group identified individuals who surpassed or met the intense education, medical and licensing requirements that they require. The criteria to pass certification regulations have drastically changed recently, to ensure less pilot errors are made. For more about Urbana and some of the FAA’s new regulations, go to Aviation Business Gazette.

The Denver-based pilot is also well rounded in music. Strumming his guitar and using Ableton software to produce his electronic creations, he has also penned some original tunes. His arrangements have brought him a fan base who appreciates Urbana’s compositions which are available on-line to download. To listen to some of the music by Jon Urbana such as the snazzy Syko (Round’s Slow Response Mix) or the gem Save Me, visit Sound Cloud.

If piloting planes and manipulating various musical sounds isn’t enough for him, Jon Urbana is a popular photographer. While some of his work focuses on all that nature has to offer, he has captured incredible images of food like these Grapes in Sardinia. Urbana just doesn’t seize a pretty picture of a nicely prepared food dish to share it on Pinterest, but his tantalizing photos include a highly stylish Italian grissini with prosciutto and cream cheese. For a sample of his delicious photography go to see his foodie photos.

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As if these intense hobbies did not take up enough of his time, Jon Urbana makes sure that he devotes his time to charities that are important to him. Just one of them is Earth Force Inc. which ensures that young people concerned with the environment have a chance to participate in various activities to make a difference in local areas. To read more on this see Go Fund Me.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Educated with a Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on economics from Villanova University, Urbana has a background in Laser technology, managing its development and monitoring its efficiency for Ellipse USA.

It happens occasionally that one individual achieves a high level of success and recognition in more than one special field of study. Many men work their entire lives focused on one career, and some of them still fail to achieve recognition for their expertise, but we are not here today to discuss those people.

We are here today to discuss Urbana, a man who has risen to great heights in his careers. Jon is a successful photographer, pilot, business leader and musician. He is available for following and contacting via social media platforms. His Twitter page is here. You can also view his photography on Instagram. If you desire to be successful in anything that you are passionate about, then you should indulge yourself in viewing the career paths of Urbana.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Artistic Efforts

Jon is known for his efforts in the worlds of music, video and photography. He started playing and recording music when he purchased his first real guitar, and then, he bought recording software to allow him to share his unique sounds with the rest of the world. He has been sharing his music on MTV and Soundcloud, including these two tunes.

He has found quite a following there. His music is of the electronic genre, usually. He does sample other artists in his music from time to time, but he also has his own original work that he is proud to share. His Instagram and personal website are both filled with pictures that he has chosen to share with the world, and his videos tend to highlight natural elements of the world.

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Business Endeavors And Aviation

Not many pilots receive such high recognition for their quality of performance and high standards for aviation. Urbana has received formal declarations from the FAA, which indicate that his performance as a pilot are great. Jon Urbana has launched his own businesses. He was a lacrosse player, so he decided to co-found a lacrosse camp for youths. The training camp is located in Colorado.

Jon Urbana is a businessman hailing from Colorado and a retired professional Lacrosse player. This doesn’t come close to defining all he has done, nor set out to do. He is the founder of “Next Level Lacrosse”, a lacrosse training camp in Colorado for youth. The youth enrolled are taught by some of the best player’s in the profession. The camp aims to refine specific skills that cater to each player’s interest, style and field position.

So you may ask on Yahoo Answers, “what is the big deal about Jon Urbana then”? He is a businessman and a retired professional athlete who owns his own training camp but what else? The answer is plenty, he has musical, video and photography talents, a flying career and even runs charity campaigns for causes he believes in and supports. He also has a very active web and social media presence. He is a shining example of Entrepreneurship at it’s finest. Check out these sites that are among others available.

Jon’s aviation career includes The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recognizing him within the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database. He was said be a positive example for other pilots. More information can be found at his profile.

Jon is also an aspiring photographer and has an impressive gallery of photography on the web. Much of it is themed around nature. To have a look for yourself check this out:

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Charitable contributions by Jon consist of animal rescue and environmental impact interests, he took an interest in the environment and advocating for it in response to his lacrosse students who were interested in preserving the environment. For more information on his charity work visit:

It is clear to see that Urbana is a very energetic and inspiring individual who has athletic and artistic talents as well as an education and a head for business! He is also the Head of Business Development for a medical device company called Ellipse USA and you can learn all about his strategy at Slideshare. It is rare to find someone with so many different interests and talents who performs at a high level on so many of them.

If there is anything that Jon is good with, it is relating to people. Urbana has a way of connecting with people and getting them to do things that benefit his life as well as their lives. He can easily get his point across, and he does it in a way that people understand. He does not beat around the bush at all. This is something that is needed. Urbana understands the importance of knowledge, understanding and truthfulness. All of these traits are very important to the continuing improvement and growth of people’s lives.



Jon UrbanaOne of Jon’s major talents and interests is in social media and generating press for his charity campaign. He is very passionate about using social media in order to continue to build his profile. He also uses it in order to encourage people and live better not just with words but by example. He uses his social media, including Diply, to build the trust of people in what he has to offer. This carry over well into his business activities.

Mr. Urbana is especially a good businessman. One major reason that he is good is because he is honest. As the Verge said; “Honesty is the best policy.” Urbana is one of the most honest businessmen people will come across. He is also very passionate about making sure that every one of his clients or customers’ problems are solved.

With his skills in marketing, Jon also knows how to use it to promote the music that he puts together. He has many awesome remixes of some of the songs that he likes. His passion for music drives his creativity. His creativity not only allows for some interesting creations, but also inspires other people to put their own creation together and release it to the public.

One of his earlier passions and achievements in his life was being a champion at the sport of lacrosse. He has shown such skill and passion at this sport, that he was allowed to run his own league to coach new players in the game. Recently written up on Bloomberg, Jon Urbana continues to take on new projects and activities in his life.

As you’ll see on his Mashable page, Urbana is just a man who happens to be recognized for many things. Those special intersts include art, sports, aviation and business. He’s not boring by a long shot, but instead, is one of the most interesting men in America. With so many things taking up his time, he’s even devoted to giving time and support to those in need. Urbana is a talented, intelligent and skilled man who has time to do it all.


He graduated from Villanova University with a bachelor’s in economics. During his time there, he was a skilled All American lacrosse player. He earned the distinction as CAA Player of the Year and was on the Tewaaratan Award watchlist. The skills and knowledge he developed here lead him to success in business in he future. Urbana is co-founder at Ellipse USA, a Denver based aesthetic IPL and laser provider. He currently serves as head of business development.

Jon Urbana in an airplane

In 2013, Urbana was recognized for his skills, abilities, and knowledge as a pilot. He currently holds the Federal Aviation Admnistration’s Airemen Certification. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bestowed the distinction to Urbana as one of the top pilots among other licensed pilots in their database. Pilots who are included in the database have passed the rigorous exams required by the FAA, which ensures a pilot is capable of safely flying an aircraft.

In addition to flying, Urbana devotes his time to lacrosse. His lacrosse skills that were cultivated as a student player in college is being used to help local youths. He currently serves as co-founder and coach at Next Level Lacrosse camp, which is devoted to the development of lacrosse skills for Denver youths.

As the camp’s owner, Urbana is a man of many interests, but also makes times to provide time and support to those in need. His charitable contributions includes land conservation. He recently began a campaign to benefit Earth Force through a GoFundMe page. Earth Force teaches youths about the environment and encourages them to become champions and carers for their local environment. This movement resonated with Urbana who works directly with youths as a coach.

Urbana is a man who wears many hats. He is recognized for the many activities he participates in at Medium, where you can follow his blog. Not only does he take on what some may not be able to, but has excelled also.

Jon spreads inspiration to others. He is the type of business leader and individual that inspires others to attain their goals. Urbana is a former lacrosse player and a successful entrepreneur. He is a Denver, Colorado resident. He is also the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The man has led a very full life and his goal is to inspire a younger generation to succeed in life. Jon Urbana is a busy executive, heading business development department at Ellipse USA.

Urbana was a member of the Villanova Wildcats He received several honorable mentions and other recognition of his lacrosse skills on the field. Today, the former lacrosse champ is the proud co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Next Level is located in Colorado. The camp’s goal is to refine their young players skills.

Charity Work
Jon is a very busy executive, but he has plenty of time to devote to charity work. The Denver native has a very special interest in preserving the natural environment in Colorado. He is very aware of all the environmental influences that are affecting the natural environment in his state. Jon Urbana joined with Earth Force to support the young people that are actively involved with preserving the natural environment. Check out his GoFundMe page.

Business Ventures
Mr. Urbana is also a successful entrepreneur and businessman of note. He lives in Denver, Colorado. Jon is also the head of business development at Ellipse Technologies. He is the co-founder of a lacrosse camp and chairman of the board. Check out this business executives CrunchBase profile.

Denver is the type of place that inspires people to capture the beauty of nature in an outdoor environment. Jon Urban lets his love of nature and the outdoors inspire him to take a deep interest in photography. Jon is lucky to live in the type of place that provides numerous opportunities to take candid shots displaying the beauty and wonder of nature. Fortunately, Urbana likes to share those beautiful photographs with friends, family, and fans online. Check out all the great photographs that are displayed on the site Jon Urbana’s Tumblr Blog.

Urbana is a man that is bubbling with enthusiasm for life. He believes in staying active and constantly learning. His numerous interest keeps him feeling energized about life. The Denver native is a former lacrosse player and a successful entrepreneur. He is a Denver, Colorado native. Jon is also the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camps. The summer camp is specifically designed for young lacrosse players. Jon is also the head of business development at Ellipse USA. Jon keeps busy with work, and he also has time to participate in several interests.

Charity Work
Urbana definitely has strong ties to the Denver community. Certainly, he is a very proud Denver native. He enjoys the beautiful natural environment in Colorado and takes time out to enjoy the natural environment, when possible. However, he knows that natural environmental causes in Colorado require support to accomplish their missions. Therefore, he likes to stay active in the cause. He partnered with Earth Force Inc. to help them with their cause to improve the natural environment in Colorado. Jon has also created a GoFundMe page to help support their important cause for the community.

Social Media
Social media has a big impact on modern society. Social media is certainly a driving force in the everyday life of a multitude of people across the world. Social media is also a very convenient way to share news an post thoughts online about personal or popular topics. Urbana is all about sharing his thoughts and plans for the future with friends and fans. Catch up on the latest news about Jon at

Flying Career
Jon is also a licensed and certified pilot. He really loves soaring over the Denver area and viewing the wonderful landscape from above. The FAA considers Urbana a very positive example of everything that is good about a modern day pilot. Mr. Urbana has met and exceeded the high standards set by the FAA.

Here’s a video of him flying:

Jon was a great athlete on the lacrosse field. Today, he is also an amazing business executive. Currently, Urbana is the head of business development for Ellipse, a private IPL and laser systems provider. Find out more on CrunchBase.

He is a humanitarian, economist, sports enthusiast, and philanthropist. Urbana was born in November of 1982 in the state of Colorado, where he still resides today. He graduated from Villanova as an Economics major, but attended the school because of their LaCrosse program.

Urbana is an active participant in the lacrosse community and co-founded an organization called the Next Level LaCrosse Camp in Denver. His involvement with the program is not only in helping the youth learn the fundamentals of the LaCrosse sport, but in also educating them about the environment in which they live.

He is passionate about taking care of the Earth’s natural resources and in his work with the youth at the LaCrosse camp, he has the perfect opportunity to get their attention. Urbana feels that if we involve our young people to become activists on improving their local environment, it will spread to include the whole universe one day. He has started a new campaign called GoFundMe, which was established as part of his vision in helping the environment.
Urbana is a major philanthropist. He actively participates and assists with several causes (including Bright By Three) that are important to him in the Denver area to raise money for their awareness.

Urbana is also a certified pilot and was recently honored, along with several other pilots, by the Federal Aviation Administration for their participation and achievements in exceeding the higher educational, licensing, and medical standards that are set forth by the FAA. The FAA has raised the bar on these standards…they are known to be some of the highest standards in the world to achieve, so to be honored is high praise in this field.

Jon has recently become interested in music and has made some original songs of his own. He showcases these on Soundcloud and hopes to continue making more music in the near future.

Urbana is presently the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, a company that makes laser systems for the medical industry. Urbana has helped start several different businesses in the Denver area where he makes his home.

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Marcio Alaor, BMG Bank And Banco Ita Agree To Form A New Bank


Forming a new bank in Brazil isnt easy. Brazil has a lot of banks, and the state controlled banks usually get most of the attention. But a recent article published by announced a new bank formed by a partnership between BMG Bank of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo based Banco Ita. The partnership is seems to be an unusual pairing since Banco Ita is the fifth largest bank in Brazil and doesnt need a partner. Banco Ita merged with Unibanco in 2008 and that merger produced a super private bank that has a decent market share in the banking industry in Brazil.But this new billion Real partnership with BMG Bank is different. Both banks are successful without one another, but the banking business in Brazil is so competitive that both banks feel they can produce more business by forming a new bank. The new bank is called the Ita BMG Bank, and it has an initial capitalization of $R billion. Banco Ita invested $R700 million and BMG Bank put up $R300 million to get the bank started. According to BMG Bank Director Marcio Alaor the partnership and the new bank will produce more revenue at a lower cost. Lowering costs in Brazil is a priority for bankers in Brazil.

Marcio Alaor is well equipped to handle a major transaction like this one. He has been the Vice-President and Director of BMG Bank for years and is a respected member of the Brazilian banking community. Alaor was born in the state of Minas Gerais and grew up in a small village that produce fireworks. There wasnt much opportunity for Alaor in that village when he was a boy, but he made his own opportunities. When he was old enough he went to school got a degree and joined the banking business.

Even though Alaor is a important member of the BMG Bank family and a skilled negotiator he still has time for the people in his village. Thats what keeps Alaor grounded. Helping others is what he does best.

The formation of Ita BMG Bank will also help people get the payroll loans they need to survive the recession. Alaor thinks the new bank will attract new customers to their payroll loan product and Banco Ita agrees. Both banks are betting the new bank will lower costs and bring in new clients. That is the nature of banking in Brazil. Consignment loans fuel profits in Brazil and BMG Bank and Banco Ita want more profits.

Update on Jon Urbana and His New Fundraiser

We recently wrote a piece on Jon Urbana, owner of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. We just received word that Jon is now running a GoFundMe campaign to help Earth Force meet its budget goals for 2016. The goal of Jon’s campaign is $1,750 and you can make a donation here.

Urbana also pointed us to these videos, which we thoroughly enjoyed. And so did the folks at Yahoo Answers.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Having Fun With Lime Crime

Although some women might wish to look beautiful and captivating, others desire a relatively natural appearance. They nevertheless use make-up to get it done, but the strategy is to possess a finished look with out looking like they’re wearing makeup products. Implemented correctly a girl might have on cover-up, eye liner and lipstick with out anyone realizing it.

I purchased make-up the majority of my life and definitely understand the self-confidence it tends to make me feel. I am aware that I’m appealing but make-up just enhances all my facial features. In addition makeup products enable me to express what I feel without needing to use words. I discovered a very unique makeup collection which has something specific that a great many brand names within the beauty industry don’t offer.

The name of this particular make-up collection is Lime Crime. It was created by a former model known as Doe Deere. She’s a resourceful and modern business woman. Doe a cosmetics and fashion lover is mindful that females would like something amazing and exclusive in regards to their beauty products.

Doe Deere moved to the US from Russia to put into practice her creativeness and vibrant imagination. Also acknowledged as the Unicorn Queen she decided to make a fantasy make-up series. Doe is engaged in all the areas of her business and is constantly contemplating new innovative shades.

Liquid liners are simply as original in color as just about everything within this selection of make-up. For the diva glam female Deere provides glitter for the eyes called Zodiac Glitter which comes in the twelve signs of the zodiac. Lip glosses that pact a punch with glitter inside the shine and a disco glassy finish.

Many females truly enjoy showing off their creativity with makeup products. It is so much fun getting dress up and created a makeup look to match your outfit. Perhaps for the exclusive date or perhaps a long anticipated trip make-up provides class and sparkle to your look.

I value all the details that are available in the online store like beauty tips and also the most trendy makeup looks. Also hair innovations is one thing you will see when exploring the Lime Crime store. The hair color line is not your regular choice of hair colors like brunette and blonde. Instead you may have shades like purple, green, lime and orange to pick from for hair.

If you are considering a change of look begin with your make-up. Makeup products is a tool which has infinite ways of using it. Mixing shades and discovering what really works and what you truly love should be the aim. From hair to make-up it’s about experimenting with new colors and just having fun.

FreedomPop Expands Again!

FreedomPop that hot new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offered special deals for Black Friday this year. Rocking the cell service scene with its already free service, FreedomPop has a special on a $230.00 Motorolo E Smartphone for only $40.00, and it gets better. If you are looking for the $450.00 Samsung Galaxy S4, consider buying it from FreedomPop. The feisty MNVO is selling it for only $100.00. These popular phones come with FreedomPop’s free month of services of unlimited voice calling, one GB of data, 500 texts and 500 calling minutes.

Still, a young company, FreedomPop launched out of Los Angeles in 2012. With its fresh infusion of cash from its Series B offering, it has entered the United Kingdom market as a cell phone service to be reckoned with. FreedomPop is now reaching over one million customers worldwide. This innovative service has recently teamed with Intel to offers a phone with the special Sophia chip, and now Axiata Group has hopped on board with a large infusion of cash. Axiata is going to bring FreedomPop’s technology and business model to Malaysia, Indonesia, India and more, and they will offer the same great free service to millions of their own mobile subscribers.

Because of its rapid expansion, FreedomPop is reaching out to cellular networks to form strong partnerships. Currently, FreedomPop rents bandwidth from Sprint in the United States and Three in the United Kingdom, but unlike Google who does the same thing, FreedomPop offers their service for free. The fast growing company is approaching Sprint and others in the United States and British Telecom in the United Kingdom for additional deals to expand their services to even more customers.

FreedomPop makes its profit from the additional services it sells to customers each month, and it’s estimated that approximately each subscriber spends an additional $3 to $7 each month on additions. FreedomPop keeps its overhead low because it has no hard infrastructure to maintain. It’s in this way that is passes the savings on to its consumers.

FreedomPop was offered buyouts earlier in the year, but turned them down to pursue new avenues of growth. In the mean-time FreedomPop is scaring big name cellular carriers, and challenging their market share. While they haven’t ruled out a sale in the future, for now they are going to continue offering the free services and phone deals, which is making them the fastest growing MNVO in the world.

Manse on Marsh is The Assisted Living Community Place To Be

An assisted living facility is not a nursing home. The two facilities have similarities; however, they are very diverse. Those who want to have independent living and don’t need 24/7 medical care opt for an assisted living facility. They will be able to get help if they need it day or night, but it allows them more freedom. They can have guests at their home and even cook real gourmet foods. A nursing home has more of a hospital-like feel with extended care offered.

Many assisted living properties have gorgeous homes and apartments that have amenities. An advantage to this type of home from another type of home is that they have someone to check on them at regular intervals. Every patient’s level of care is diverse, so they customize a schedule around the patient’s needs. Many people are not strong enough to be on their own always, but they can have more independence than a nursing home would offer.

In a nursing home, it is often the case that patients share rooms. This can be difficult for a person who is private. Nursing homes are always busy and there is much activity going on. They are for people who require supervision constantly and need to be close to medical staff. If a person can live independently at all, assisted living is the better option.

When it comes time to find an assisted living facility, it can be a hard choice, and reviews should always always be a factor. For those that live in San Luis Obispo, California, the choice of using Manse on the Marsh is easy. It’s located in the downtown area and right near grocery stores and other convenience shops. The grounds are stunning and who wouldn’t want to take a stroll out in the sunshine? Getting some fresh air is important for the elderly, and it helps to stabilize their vitamin D levels too. Here, family and friends are always welcome to visit.  In the modern age of social media, it’s also easy to trust because of how popular they remain on Twitter.

When it comes to making a choice for the type of dwelling to live in, seniors have a large selection. They cottages and apartments that is sure to please. Seniors can choose whether they want a kitchen to cook their own foods or if they want to receive delivery of their meals. Choose a room with a fireplace that has room for families to congregate, or enjoy the common areas with spectacular amenities.

Wouldn’t dinning in a charming bistro on the grounds be amazing? They have ample outdoor seating for a meal alfresco. For those who love to have the social aspects in their life, the atrium features a fitness center along with a movie theater. Actually, there really is little reason to leave the grounds to find something entertaining to do. Manse on Marsh is by far the best assisted living facility in this area, and remain the easiest to contact online.