FreedomPop Expands Again!

FreedomPop that hot new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offered special deals for Black Friday this year. Rocking the cell service scene with its already free service, FreedomPop has a special on a $230.00 Motorolo E Smartphone for only $40.00, and it gets better. If you are looking for the $450.00 Samsung Galaxy S4, consider buying it from FreedomPop. The feisty MNVO is selling it for only $100.00. These popular phones come with FreedomPop’s free month of services of unlimited voice calling, one GB of data, 500 texts and 500 calling minutes.

Still, a young company, FreedomPop launched out of Los Angeles in 2012. With its fresh infusion of cash from its Series B offering, it has entered the United Kingdom market as a cell phone service to be reckoned with. FreedomPop is now reaching over one million customers worldwide. This innovative service has recently teamed with Intel to offers a phone with the special Sophia chip, and now Axiata Group has hopped on board with a large infusion of cash. Axiata is going to bring FreedomPop’s technology and business model to Malaysia, Indonesia, India and more, and they will offer the same great free service to millions of their own mobile subscribers.

Because of its rapid expansion, FreedomPop is reaching out to cellular networks to form strong partnerships. Currently, FreedomPop rents bandwidth from Sprint in the United States and Three in the United Kingdom, but unlike Google who does the same thing, FreedomPop offers their service for free. The fast growing company is approaching Sprint and others in the United States and British Telecom in the United Kingdom for additional deals to expand their services to even more customers.

FreedomPop makes its profit from the additional services it sells to customers each month, and it’s estimated that approximately each subscriber spends an additional $3 to $7 each month on additions. FreedomPop keeps its overhead low because it has no hard infrastructure to maintain. It’s in this way that is passes the savings on to its consumers.

FreedomPop was offered buyouts earlier in the year, but turned them down to pursue new avenues of growth. In the mean-time FreedomPop is scaring big name cellular carriers, and challenging their market share. While they haven’t ruled out a sale in the future, for now they are going to continue offering the free services and phone deals, which is making them the fastest growing MNVO in the world.

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