Alexei Beltyukov Believes in Russia

Alexei Beltyukov is an entrepreneur from Russia who is a supporter of many charitable organizations. He has a medical degree in addition to an MBA. After starting a promising medical career Mr. Beltyukov decided that industry was not for him and switched paths deciding to attend INSEAD which is a business school, but as his resume would go on to show it was a great career move. Mr. Beltyukov focused on business’s and helping his country by building the strength of its corporations. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started or co-founded various businesses.

He is one of the creators of Endemic Capital that was founded in 2013. Alexei Beltyukov is a firm believer in education. He has made contributions to programs and charities that help Russian citizens go to business school or when creating their own startup companies. He has also established a scholarship for the Russian people who are interested in attending INSEAD University. He is the new COO of Solvy which is an online educational system. This program makes math more manageable for teachers as well as students. They program allows students to find the areas they are having the most difficulties and focus on those areas. This also provides real world examples that help to connect the learning. The parameters of Solvy allow teachers to give students individual assignments that focus on their individual needs.

Mr. Beltyukov is a known angel investor that is always on the lookout for companies starting up in Russia. One of Mr. Beltyukov’s companies is A-Ventures Ltd that helps to finance and mentor Russian companies that need assistance. Alexei Beltyukov is the founder of A-Ventures Ltd, which has been in business since 2007. This business was developed to help other companies within the country with financial assistance when they are struggling. A-Ventures is known as a management Company. The company manages assets and helps other companies reverse their circumstances. With a series of option from services that help clients to plan, strategize and implement changes in their organizations. Alexei Beltyukov also serves as a member on FORO Energy’s board of directors.

Alexei Beltyukov has also worked with the Russian government to provide economic guidance and support through the Skolkovo Foundation where he sits as Vice President. The organizations provide grants and opportunity for Russian technology start-ups, as well as entrepreneurs looking to expand opportunities throughout Russia. Beltyukov helped to create a scholarship for INSEAD. The scholarship provides financial support to advance business education.  Alexei can be found on social media for further information.

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