How Hiring a Wikipedia Writing Service Can Strengthen Your Business

One of the keys to a credible online presence for a business or a personality profile of a celebrity or athlete is widely published factual material. The role of biographical and historical writing by newspapers and magazines has been largely replaced by searchable data on sites like Wikipedia. 

The key benefit to a presence on a site like Wikipedia is its reputation as a source of factual, unbiased and non-commercial information which is supported by factual references elsewhere on the web. 

Primary Wikipedia Benefits

In a world of instantly accessible and eternally searchable reviews and feedback, reputation management is a major concern for every online business. Creating a Wikipedia page gives a business a lot of credibility, especially Google in large part because of its strict regulations that must be followed to have a page published. Information about your company posted to a site like Wikipedia practically guarantees at least a neutral source of information in the first page of results. That’s why sometimes it’s best to trust the professionals, or in this case hire a Wikipedia writer.

Third Party Research 

Because of the nature of a Wikipedia page, there’s little to be gained by writing a page yourself. A Wikipedia writing service like Get Your Wiki or even an unbiased journalist would be a better choice. For openers, the information on your page isn’t going to change much, and having someone else cited as the page author will sound like an endorsement to some of your customers, even if technically a wiki is a non-commercial page of facts and not opinions. 

A company like Get Your Wiki can assign professional Wiki writers knowledgeable about Wikipedia’s requirements to the task of producing a useful page that meets all the necessary criteria.


A well-written Wiki combined with the other results your future customers will find gives your company’s presence a multi-dimensional nature that can be very powerful. The wiki page itself should not be viewed as a sales tool. It should be viewed as a status symbol that communicates strength and knowledge. 

It may seem there are so many details required to establish an online presence, but although it can seem confusing, the results are well worth the effort. 

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