Investor Majeed Ekbal Efforts To Save Nepal

Majeed Ekbal is an American investor who currently lives in Chicago, USA. Ekbal is a real estate developer who uses the current strategic plan in the real estate development to produce compelling and attractive buildings. Majeed has been specializing in marketing and advertising sector for fifteen years, where he has gained quality experience and professionalism.
Ekbal is also a humanitarian who currently runs a go fund me campaign to better the living standards of needy citizens. He is a known philanthropist who wishes to spend most of his time and money to make America a better place for all classes of people. Ekbal also ventures in digital marketing, where he runs his social media platform. His presence in the real estate development has led to a diverse and evidenced a change in the actual estate development. Sir Majeed contributed to the establishment of building internet of things in the industry.

According to news, developer Majeed pioneered establishment of a go fund me campaign to solely help the residents of Nepal who was affected by the earthquake that hit them. The earthquake took one hundred and fifty-three lives and left more than three thousand people injured. The communities concentrated in the northeast regions of Nepal were mostly affected. The earthquake severely affected the seventy-five areas of Nepal.
Majeed Ekbal illustrated that he took the course of action to help the victims start a new life and support most of his friends who lived there. In the liberation, Ekbal implied that he was planning to take all the raised money in his campaign and put it into a CrowdRise campaign, which he had been contributing towards since the tragedy happened. The real estate developer reported that the campaign had a goal of raising more than one million dollars.

He added that all the collected money was strategized to direct allocation in the medical relief and food stuff aid. Majeed also said that the money would be used to start up new shelters to cater for the victims. His humanity has impressed many organizations that have recognized his efforts.

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