Famous YouTubers Strike Gold

Just about everyone on the Internet has heard of YouTube. Many visit the site several times a day to check out the latest videos. The site started back in 2005. Today, Google owns the site that allows anyone to upload their videos and share them with the world. Some of the videos that are uploaded, go viral. Those viral videos are watched and shared by millions of viewers in a short length of time. Resulting in making that video and the YouTuber famous. Gaining fame on YouTube today, is similar to striking gold.

Famous YouTubers
The famous YouTubers are the ones that are at the top of the list. They have the most subscribers or followers. Generally, the top one’s are not as well known as your everyday celebrity, but those online know the names. Some of the top celebrities on YouTube include people like Smosh a comedy duo. PewDiePie, a video gamer. The fact is that thousands of people are actually building a career out of their YouTube videos. Certainly, some are simply looking to share information with their followers on various topics, while others would like to start a full time career.

Famous YouTuber Wengie
Wendy Huang is the force behind the Wonderful World of Wengie. Wendy Huang is a beauty blogger that is based in Australia. Huang has a background in marketing and working with social media campaigns. She is also an author and has composed articles for numerous publications.

Currently, Wendy Huang has taken her talent to YouTube. She has one of the most watched YouTube channels in the world. Her YouTube channel, the Wonderful World of Wengie, is all about beauty. Thousands check out her wonderful beauty tutorials daily. In fact, her YouTube channel has been featured in a long list of notable publications that include Cosmopolitan, Dolly, and Cleo. Huang has also lent her talent to large manufactures like Elizabeth Arden, Target, Colgate, and more.

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