Trump Downed In Iowa Forging Ahead To New Hampshire

Those who have read Donald Trump’s latest book “Crippled America” know his stance on taking a nosedive is to get back up and forge ahead quickly. In this light, his second place finish in Iowa already has the political world watching to see what his next move will be.

One MSNBC follow-up included a comment by a Jeb Bush supporter named Jon Urbana (who we’ve also written about quite extensively here) who quoted Bush as saying “His aura of invincibility was severely damaged.” According to Ted Cruz, Trump is in the throws of what he termed a “Trumpertantrum.” On  “Morning Joe,” Trump responded by saying that he is focusing on stepping up his ground game in New Hampshire by unleashing what he calls Walkin’ & Talkin” For Donald J. Trump wherein he will oversee door-to-door visits and more visibility via flyers, personal meetings with area business owners and small gatherings as opposed big, splashy rallies and campaign events.

During a recent visit across the pond, Former President Jimmy Carter told a reporter that even though he believes that the Trump race car will eventually break an axil, he would favor Trump over Ted Cruz because Trump has no special groups or PACs, nor has he vocally detailed his solutions to America’s current state of affairs.

In a recent interview, Bernie Sanders expressed his desire for Trump to be the GOP nominee and feels that he could resoundingly beat him if Sanders were the Democratic nominee.

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