Dental Appliances Help People Sleep Better

In today’s economy, many young children are suffering due to poverty. They are not able to get the dental help they need. Children are having issues with their oral care because some of them can not afford toothbrushes and toothpaste. Parents that work hard and only earn minimum wage fight to keep a roof over the heads of their families. They may not have the funds they need to pay for food. Some of these children go to school hungry every day. Avi Weisfogel is working to help provide a fund that pays for these children to have their dental work done free of charge. He helps with providing surgical repairs on things like cleft palates, and some other facial deformities such as cleft lips. He also provides maintenance care such as dental cleanings. This is all done through operation smile organization and the volunteers that work with the organization.

Weisfogel is also very involved in getting the word out about sleep apnea. He is helping other dental professionals to learn what to look for and training them on how to treat issues they find. Sleep apnea can be a result of several different things. People that are overweight tend to have issues with sleep apnea. Some of these people find out when they go to the doctor for weight loss issues. Some of these people learn about sleep issues when they go to the dentist. Nasal congestion, enlarged tonsils, and diabetes are some of the issues that can cause a person to stop breathing during sleep.

Snoring is a good sign a person has sleep issues. This generally means their tongue is falling into the back of the mouth and covering the airways. Dental professionals are working alongside Avi to diagnose and treat these issues with mouth guards and TRD’s. TRDs are dental appliances that hold the tongue in place by suction. These guards are only a few of the options that dental professionals have to use to stop sleep apnea. Learn more about Avi and Sleep Apnea by going online. Check out the go fund me page for Operation Smile. Donate what you can because every penny helps someone that can not afford help.

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