The Handy Path to Better Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived and that means better weather. The shining of the sun through a home’s windows illuminates an interior and may shed light on an inconvenient fact. The home is in dire need of a spring cleaning. Straightening out an interior could include a massive and thorough cleaning of every room. The walls and ceilings positively must be cleaned as well. And those carpets do need some work.

The quagmire for the homeowner is he or she may not be all that skilled with cleaning tasks. The lack of home cleaning skills is what led to things sliding so much during the winter.

Handy has an app to aid those whose residence or office could use a nice spring cleaning. The Handy app allows users to sign up, search for home services freelancers, schedule work, and make payments. The Handy app and company were founded by entrepreneurs who met at Harvard business school. Recognizing a need in the market, these entrepreneurs founded the company and app.

Handy now is worth upwards of a half-a-billion dollars. Revenues of $1 million per week are booked through the app. Handy is growing on national and international basis. All of this is achieved as the entity’s competitors falter.

Skilled freelancers contribute to this success. People who are not able to perform thorough spring cleaning definitely want a solidly skilled freelancer to handle all the duties. The freelancer positively must be someone with great skills. A home, apartment, or office that has been somewhat neglected during the winter months probably require a careful hand to put things back to normal. Professional skills and tools are required. Only top freelancers can meet these requirements. Handy’s extensive screening process ensures only the very best freelancers are listed.

Customers may be delaying cleaning work due to budget troubles. Booking through an app makes it a lot easier to find a deal. With the right price, the job can get done without delay.

Spring cleaning provides a new and more welcoming look, which may extend into the summer. Book a cleaning crew today and get that work done.

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