Doug Levitt Brings Us The News With “The Greyhound Diaries”

The personal journey into poverty has been a staple of the U.S. entertainment industry for a number of years as writers and musicians have always looked to bring news of those struggling in society to the people of the country. In his multi media artistic project, “The Greyhound Diaries”, artist Doug Levitt is following in this tradition with a wide ranging exploration of U.S. poverty in music, novel, and photographic form; Levitt brings all these artistic forms to the fore in his live shows that combine storytelling in the form of songs, personal experience and photographic images projected throughout the performances he gives around the world.

Doug Levitt grew up in a family that allowed him the opportunity to enjoy the best possible education at Cornell University after his mother became a council member for Washington D.C. Doug Levitt studied in many different areas of education before settling on a career as a journalist with CNN and moving to London, U.K. before embarking on an artistic career.

Levitt reveals growing up in Washington D.C. made it difficult for him to understand the lower classes of society across the world, particularly as the economy of the U.S. capital is often described as being recession proof. Living and working in the capital of the U.K., London, led Doug Levitt to change his focus in life towards music and examining the lives of those struggling within society; the initial journey across the U.S. by Doug Levitt would form the basis of his “The Greyhound Diaries” project that he tours with to this day.

Doug Levitt has spent a large amount of his life since 2004 exploring areas of the U.S. many people do not even know exist; Levitt believes major cities are often the focus of the news media, but the realities of life are far more easily understood outside the major metropolitcan areas. Levitt’s six week journey that began in 2004 was ongoing in 2012 having expanded from a six week bus ride to an 80,000 mile odyssey that has yet to come to an end.

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