Darius Fisher Teaches How to Handle Unfavorable Photo Leak

The internet may be the truest final frontier we face in our lifetimes. The information age has put everything out on display and our willingness to become part of a digital world has made it even more important that we fully understand the repercussion of each action we take on the internet. Darius Fisher, CEO of Status Labs, has been making a living off of guiding people through their digital brand management. He took some time out of his day to discuss a few key tips to weathering the storm of unwanted photographs making their way to the internet.

Fisher, above all, suggests that victims of unfavorable photos surfacing online need to act as soon as possible. Minimizing the spread of the photograph is as important as keeping it off of the internet altogether. Proactive approaches can include contacting website admins and hosts and requesting a removal of the image from their services. If the host proves to be non compliant then Fisher suggests talking to an attorney in order to write up a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request. Getting legal counsel is almost always beneficial in these situations.

For individuals in companies the release of a bad photo can be devastating to their business. Fisher suggests that these individuals don’t shy away from addressing the photo. The first thing he suggests doing in these cases is to accept the responsibility of the photograph before explaining how you will handle things going forward. Talking with an online public relations expert, like those from Fisher’s company Status Labs, is also integral to this step. From there on out everything is focused on damage control and maintenance, which leads us to his final suggestion: learn.

Fisher suggests that folks learn from these situations so that they don’t allow them to happen again. Enhance your passwords, re-check the privacy settings on your various online accounts, and tighten the screws on any data you may have floating online.

George Soros Predicts that we are on the Verge of an Economic Crisis

While the rest of the world remains clueless George Soros has a pretty clear picture about what is happening. While in Sri Lanka he was quoted saying that the 2008 recession is bound to happen again. George can be described as an expert in financial matters on politico.com and has written several books in relation to this matter. Two books in particular talk about the financial recession that happened in 2008. While in Colombo he said that economic stability will pose a challenge and reiterated his sentiments in Sri Lanka. While in Washington George Soros talked at length about the financial lapse in Greece and opined that the 2008 crisis was nothing compared to what was happening in European Union member Greece.

According to George Soros’ predictions the largest economies in the world play a very crucial role in stabilizing the market. Financial blunders made by the countries end up impacting everyone in the world. China which has a formidable economy has just demonstrated how the effects begin and gradually affect other markets. While these countries often than not bail their financial institutions it becomes difficult to stabilize the market completely. Investors on Forbes stand to lose a lot of money and that’s why Soros advised them to re consider their investment options. There is a lot going on and there are some factors which cannot be controlled by normal means. Measures taken by the Chinese government are not working in subverting the impending financial storm.

At some point you have to wonder what goes on in George Soros’ mind. He has achieved what few people will ever achieve in two life times combined. Having originated from a humble back ground and a very hostile environment he has programmed himself to do what few people dare to do. He has democratic oriented organizations in Russia. His organizations have irked the federation to such an extent that they want to ban them. According to CNBC News Russia through a press release stated that it had put two of his organizations in the stop list. This is a clear illustration that his efforts have been worthwhile and the federation has been awakened by his efforts. Some people try to associate him with malice while there is none.

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

George Soros is a liberal and has a strong conviction that a person rights should not be curtailed. His school of thought is that the Government should leave people to exercise their rights. He has especially been vocal about the right of movement and the injustices committed by countries when they deport or fail to allow immigrants in their borders. According to an article ran by The New York Times Soros expressed his outrage towards comments made by Republican presidential aspirant Donald J. Trump.