First Self-Driving Taxis Coming to the Market

In the past, Uber made taxi drivers unhappy. Now, Uber began testing its first self-driving car, which will eventually eliminate a need for human drivers.

The vehicle tested is a hybrid Ford Fusion, with cameras, sensors, and other electronic devices on the roof. At this point, there’s a professional driver who monitors the vehicle as testing takes place according to CNN Money.

“Real-world testing is critical to our efforts to develop self-driving technology,” Uber claimed.

In the past, Uber revolutionized the taxi business. Now, passengers can request a car via mobile apps. It became known as a cheaper alternative to traditional taxis. In the past, disgruntled taxi drivers destroyed some of Uber cars.

At this point, potential reaction by drivers to self-driving cars isn’t known yet, but is could turn ugly when many will lose their jobs. But, technological chances are coming everywhere. Other workers such as paralegals and accountants will be replaced soon by Artificial Intelligence, so the taxi drivers aren’t the only ones who have rights to complain.

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