Senior Citizens Increasingly Use the Internet

When it comes to those aged 75 and above, nearly two-thirds have never used the Internet according to BBC report. However, since 2011, the number of users in this age group has doubled, which is an encouraging trend. In the future, we expect this to grow as younger people, who were previously exposed to the Internet, will be growing older.

When it comes to disabled people, 25% still didn’t use the Internet. There’s room for improvement since access to online resources can assist profoundly those with disabilities. The report also points out that the old age isn’t the only reason preventing people from going online. The other reason is high cost. At some places, Internet connection can be pricey, plus there’s a requirement to have a digital device.

On the other hand, “Digital access has the power to make life cost less. Many people go online to compare the best consumer deals and offers,” said Mark Atkinson, a chief executive at Scope, a charity for disabled.

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