Chromebook Takeover

In a world of ever-expanding technology, Google looks to claim the power of the affordable laptop industry. Google’s Chromebooks starting in the $100-200 price range are extremely affordable. The Chromebooks offer capabilities that exceed the need of many everyday users. This is why Chromebooks are threatening many prominent laptop businesses including Apple.

Apple has made pushes on its very own Macbook Air which is supposed to be a more affordable and portable laptop alternative to the Macbook Pro. However, Apple still proves to be too expensive for the average consumer. That being said until recently the Chromebook did not have sufficient capabilities. Now, the everyday user who peruses the internet, writes a blog, or uses social media will be right at home with the Chromebook.

This all comes with a drawback, though. A couple large markets are left out when it comes to the Chromebook. The large markets being missed include programmers and gamers. The Chromebook does not have the capacity to run resource intensive games and programs. These very large markets are completely missed by the inexpensive laptops. That is fine with Google, though, as they will likely continue to target the everyday average user. Additionally, the computer is very attractive to students on tight budgets, because many students just need a computer for the internet and simple word processors. With cheap technology on the rise, Google is definitely on the correct side.

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