Twitch Launches Clips That Will Enable Gamers To Share Their Favorite Moments.

The gamer community and Live streaming platform Twitch has recently launched a new feature that will be used to spread its content further to its website visitors. One of the features is the debuted Clips that will let the website viewers easily and quickly Clip a 30-second portion video from other media live streams. The clips will also include an automatic backlink to the original live broadcaster to ensure the copyright of others is not infringed. Backlinks will also act as a way to send traffic back to the original site where the Clip is shared more broadly.

Twitch has also included the clip-sharing feature in Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. The sharing buttons are available as small sharing buttons at the top right of the clip and alongside the Clip’s link. When the saved Clips are shared, they connect the viewers directly to the broadcast, and if it is offline, they can still watch the recording right where the clip left off.

The Clip will not be available immediately after the launch according to the company, but will be rolled out to viewers over the course of the coming weeks. The slow rollout strategy is in line with the pattern the company has always used in the release of other previous features including the debut of friends last month. The other feature it has rolled out is Channel feed which let broadcasters easily distribute their content to their audience. With making private messaging easier and supporting for friend lists, Twitch has recorded a significant growth in its social media features on sites in the recent past.

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