Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group

UPDATE – June 24th, 2016 — Duda Melzer has been CEO of RBS Group for the last three months and has implemented several key changes and new team members.


In a live broadcast to 6,416 employees of the corporation, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, took over as the executive president of RBS Group. The event was held in Porto Alegre. In attendance were his family and colleagues.

Eduardo is commonly known as Duda. Previously, Duda was the executive vice president of the company. The former president of the corporation, Nelson Sirotsky, posited that he was comfortable with Duda’s presidency. Nelson believes that his nephew is up to the task because Duda is focused on enhancing the objectives of the corporation. During his acceptance speech, Duda cited his grandfather as the founder of RBS Group. He went on to reiterate his commitment towards following the technological development without losing focus of the human element.

Since his formative years, the company has fascinated Duda. The dream of the company propelled his interests to engage in active management of its affairs. Duda is happy about the company’s impact on the lives of the people. During his previous ten years as an executive of the corporation, Duda has learnt that RBS zeroes in on solving different problems by working with employees who are passionate about their craft. This information was originally reported on Portal Making-Of.

In the company, Duda served as the director general in charge of the national market as well as the vice president of business development and market before becoming the executive vice president. Duda’s mission shall be to develop sustainable business projects that incorporate the three pillars of business: business education, digital and communication. With Duda’s arrival, Nelson Sirotsky shall now serve on the board of directors as well as at the company’s editorial committee. For the past 21 years, Nelson has served as the company’s president. Nelson has rendered his services at RBS Group for 41 years. Nelson posited that he would be starting a new relationship with RBS and he would support Duda as the new chief executive officer.

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