NutriMost Sues Rival Healthy Living For Theft of Promotional Video

NutriMost, a company that is currently pioneering the next generation’s superior weight loss system, has just slapped their arch rival Healthy Living with a massive lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed last Thursday in Manhattan and cites that even after Healthy Living was served a cease and desist order back in September and given ample time to take it off the site, that they failed to remove it from their website.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
As of currently, the video is no longer placed on the Healthy Living website. But that does not remedy the bigger issue that NutriMost has with the pirating of the video. There is a specific technology that is associated with the NutriMost weight loss system that is proven, tried and true to work to promote safe and effective weight loss.

NutriMost feels that their viable reputation could be tarnished by the posting of the video via another online weight loss source and are seeking out compensation for damages of “reputation and good will” in the amount of a whopping $300,000.

NutriMost boasts a revolutionary weight loss system referred to as “The Ultimate Weight Loss System” which claims that it can promote rave weight loss results (users can expect to lose anywhere from 20-40 pounds in just a period of 40 day’s time. This weight loss system is a product of a unique technology founded by NutriMost’s Ray Wisniewski known as NRT or “NutriMost Resonant Technology.”

According to reviews and ratings of the weight loss system developed by Wisniewski (also a chiropractor), the system actually works to promote genuine weight loss results and is a very safe option for anyone looking to shed weight quickly.

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