Prince: Musician and Fashion Icon

With the recent passing of Prince, it’s clear to see why so many of us are collectively acknowledging who he was as a performer and music legend. The Purple one came into our lives through sonic airwaves and images, never leaving us with a dull moment. However, he influenced more of our sphere than we realize. Complementing his music, his reputation for being a bold fashion statement, in and of himself, was enough to inspire how we viewed what people wore and how they wore it. Even riling us up enough to be courageous with how we choose to present ourselves. Prince pushed boundaries and that included his aesthetic. Often being known for sporting lace and ruffles, vibrant colors, and elaborate designs. His theme was freedom and sexuality. He was a grand figure, a fashion revolutionary, and he made it okay to be yourself with reckless abandon. Here are some fashion highlights that Prince has graced us with Whether we decide to play it safe with our wardrobe (and simply appreciate the amazing music he’s gifted us) or take after the Purple One in his appetite for curiosity without restriction, Prince most definitely left an artistic legacy that we can draw inspiration and creativity from. As a multi-intstrumentalist, music genius, and overall multi-faceted, free-spirited, albeit mysterious human being, Prince has created a vastness, a release of inhibition that we can all feel and honor.

New York Times Threatens to Ban Users with AdBlock Technology

Newspapers are in a difficult place these days, and this statement from New York Times CEO Mark Thompson is one example of the difficulties of running a newspaper in the digital age. “No one who refuses to contribute to the creation of high quality journalism has the right to consume it,” Mr. Thompson said in a statement to the press. However, in the digital age, it seems that less and less people agree with this sentiment. Consumers don’t want to pay for content, which has lead to a rise of internet advertising to generate revenue. Consumers also resist this advertisement, and often install advertisement blocking software. This is the source of the conflict.

The website of the New York Times can recognize when readers are using advertisement blocking software, and an alert pops up on the user’s screen, which prompts them to either allow advertisements or have a paying subscription to the newspaper. In terms of overall traffic to the New York Times website, less than 3% of users have a paid subscription. As such, the company is hurting for this advertising revenue, and is not taking kindly to users trying to avoid it. Presently, users with Adblock technology have been able to bypass this notice compelling them to pay or watch ads, but the New York Times is toying with the idea of removing this option, and forcing users to pay or watch.

Microsoft Researchers Utilize Search Queries for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

Currently, most individuals have easy access to information due to the availability of mobile gadgets that can access the Internet. Subsequently, most people utilize the Internet to search for various solutions, answers or information regarding diverse issues such as health, fitness, technology, sports, politics and religion. Individual searches or queries on search engines have proven to be a great resource in determining what one is experiencing.

This information recently came in handy to Microsoft’s researchers after getting groundbreaking results from analyzing voluminous samples of search engine data or queries. The outcomes of their research indicated that it was possible to identify various Internet users affected by pancreatic cancer.

The Research Work

The Microsoft scientists involved in the research included Dr. Ryen White and Dr. Eric Horvitz. They utilized search engine queries obtained from Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. The study revolved around data that showed indications of a person diagnosed with the disease. Upon getting such information, they did a backward analysis of the data in a bid to identify earlier concerns that showed that a Bing user was getting symptoms of the disease before a medical analysis. The information can be obtained from Reddit Science.

Scientists are still debating on the next course of action. Various suggestions have been raised such as coming up with a health service whereby Internet users could give scientists access to their searches in an effort of monitoring for any queries that could depict early symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Other Studies

Web queries have also been utilized by Google to undertake research on early detection of flu epidemics. Microsoft has also managed to identify severe drug reactions through patterns observed on weblogs before FDA’s warning system spotted them.

Taylor Swift Just Gave this Couple an Unforgettable Wedding Gift

It’s safe to assume most wedding playlists will feature at least one love song by Taylor Swift. She’s covered romance in a great variety of scenarios; for many newlyweds, there’s likely to be an “Our Song” describing their relationship.

However, not everyone has their Taylor song performed at the wedding by the artist herself. Matt Singer and Kenya Smith were the lucky couple; Swift was contacted by the groom’s sister, Ali, who requested this unforgettable moment.

Ali had been in touch with Taylor before, thanks to the singer’s openness to interaction with fans. It’s common for Taylor to leave comments on Instagram posts, or reblog things on Tumblr. One Christmas she even sent out presents, carefully selected and wrapped, to a handful of lucky followers. Videos surfaced that year of Swifties in tears over gifts from the pop star.

This time she’s gone out of her way to show appreciation for the support that got her where she is now. MTV has a video of Swift playing “Blank Space” on the piano. The media follows her love life closely, and even if it hasn’t always had happy moments, clearly Swift still believes in love.

What’s Taylor’s next act of kindness going to be? She never ceases to surprise the world by reaching out to Swifties. She has now given the happy couple a wedding story to tell friends, one they will never forget.

Tegan and Sara: Indie-Rockers Turned Pop Stars

After almost a decade of making indie-rock hits, Canadian twins Tegan and Sara Quin turned full on pop propelling them to higher success. ( Their 2013 album Heartthrob made it to number three on the Billboard 200 with the song ‘Closer’ topping charts in the US. They definitely upped the ante by snagging an Oscar nomination for their collaboration with Lonely Island on the song ‘Everything Is Awesome!!’ for the Lego Movie.

It is surprising that their transition to pop did not see them lose their core fans. During their iHeartRadio Canada CMW showcase, the fans didn’t seem to mind that their set list included synth-driven remakes of earlier favorites such as ‘Walking With a Ghost’ that were mingled with recent singles such as ‘Boyfriend’.

Their eighth album released last Friday ‘Love You To Death’ became an instant hit. It has seen them refine their pop sound. The album definitely shows ambitious lyrics and vocals that flow smoothly with the more streamlined arrangements. The writing of the album definitely assures earworms aplenty.

The album features singles such as ‘Boyfriend’ that is simply a classic pop song detailing the excitement and trepidation that comes about during the early days of dating. BWU (Be With You) is another single from the album that simply stand out with people declaring it an anti-marriage anthem. In a recent interview with the rolling stone, Sara Quin ‘Love You To Death’ was an album that addressed her anxieties about life, her views on relationships and life in general including her relationship with her sister. (

For all the years that they have been in the music industry, this pop duo has learnt one valuable lesson: too many cooks spoil the broth. Having previously made the mistake of having worked with some producers and songwriters, they decided to work with only one producer for their most recent album. Greg Kurstin is a renowned producer having previously worked with Sia and Adele made for an obvious choice. Be it indie-rock, be it pop, the Quin sisters have conquered it all. As long as they continue to have depth and integrity, they have quite a ways to go.

NutriMost Sues Healthy Living Over Stolen Promotional Video

NutriMost, the weight-loss company, filed a lawsuit against one of its competitors in Manhattan Federal Court. Lawyers for NutriMost say diet company Healthy Living stole a NutriMost promotional video, removed the company’s name, posted it on their site, and then refused to remove it when NutriMost issued a cease and desist request in September. The promotional video in question has since been removed. NutriMost is demanding damages in excess of $300,000 and assurances Healthy Living will never use the video, which features NutriMost founder Dr. Ray Wisniewski voice and image, again. The court has not yet issued a ruling.

A growing number of people across the nation have been using NutriMost to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. The secret to the success of NutriMost is its innovative new technology. The person seeking weight-loss first gets a scan using NutriMost’s Resonant Frequency technology. A program is then specially created for the issues revealed by the scan. A physician then monitors the application of the program. The NutriMost system has become popular not only because people often lose up to 45 pounds of stubborn fat in 40 days, but also because the weight loss tends to be permanent. Plus many dieters reports dramatic improvement in their health.

The key to the effectiveness of NutriMost is it works with the body’s natural systems. The NutriMost technology balances out the hormones in the body and puts the metabolism into overdrive. The result is the excess fat seems to just melt away. Over 165 clinics nationwide offer the NutriMost system. It has been effective for both men and women of all ages. For many, the NutriMost system has enabled them to reach and maintain their ideal weight for the first time in years. This has attracted many more people to the NutriMost system.

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Draw Your Way to Victory in This HTC Vive Prototype

Does the idea of having to draw your own sword before you begin playing a game seem unnecessary? It won’t after you watch this video of Draw Your Blade.
DYB is a prototype virtual reality game made for the HTC Vive, a VR headset created by HTC and Valve that utilizes room space using sensors to create a virtual world you can explore, create and play in. With DYB, designing your own weapon is as easy as drawing a shape in the air with your controller and watching your creation come to life. Use your unique blade to fight or toss its shards away if it didn’t turn out like you’d hoped.
While this prototype may showcase little more than smacking spheres with an interesting sword, it says a lot about the progression of virtual reality technology. The advancements that have been made in the past ten years alone have been astounding, and this proves the future looks bright.
Imagine putting on a headset and cobbling together your own survival shack to protect yourself from roaming zombies. Or maybe something a little more domestic, like a virtual reality Cooking Mama. What about wandering an open world akin to Fallout 4, making your way through a wasteland you truly feel you’re part of? With this constantly evolving technology the possibilities are endless.
There is a deep well of untapped creativity and immersion here, and this is just the beginning of an exciting journey into a new level of video game interactivity.

Makari, the Premier Brand for Dark Skin Tones

Makari de Suisse Skin Care has been in the industry for the past 10 years now. Their products are manufactured in Switzerland. The word Makari itself means “beautiful” is Swahili. Very appropriate for a skin whitening company with this level of attention to detail. Makari began on the premise that there were not many skin care companies focusing on darker tones. They tried to change this by catering to this unique demographic.

Makari is the premier skin care company for darker tones, they pride themselves in not carrying Hydroquinone an ingredient that has been shown to have notoriously bad side effects. Their products are made of natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Carrot Oil, and Caviar. So you know their products are made with top of the line ingredients. The products are formulated to reduce such nuisances as acne marks, dark spots, and stretch marks. If you have a darker skin tone than this is the product for you to use. They have stores internationally, located in Brussels, New York, and Paris. This internationally recognized brand is what you need to take care of your skin when it acts up. Remember appearance is important if you find it important, and you can trust Makari de Suisse Skin Care with your skin 100%.
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NutriMost’s Promotional Video Allegedly Stolen By Another Weight Loss Company


NutriMost has an informative video on their website with testimonials from satisfied weight loss program participants. The video explains the benefits of the NutriMost program and shows proof that the program works as promised. Any company offering a diet program promising rapid weight loss would love to have a video like NutriMost’s video, and one company liked it so much that they allegedly put the video on their website. The company, Can’t Lose Diet, simply replaced any mention NutriMost with their company name. They even kept the testimonials from NutriMost’s satisfied customers in the video.
Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost is suing Can’t lose Diet to protect their good reputation. After all, the video showcases real people who lost weight appearing with the medical professional who customized their diet plan for them. These types of testimonials are impossible to fake, which is possibly what made them so attractive to Can’t Lose Diet.

NutriMost helps people lose from 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days by discovering each person’s individual weight loss challenges, and then addressing them by correcting the patient’s hormone levels. The program also resets the patient’s metabolism so the weight loss is permanent. NutriMost is ideal for individuals tired of dieting, losing a few pounds, and then gaining the weight back.

Chiropractors administer the NutriMost program using the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss scan, which helps them to develop a customized plan for each patient. If individuals are willing to make a personal commitment to stick to the customized diet the chiropractor gives them, they will achieve the proper hormonal range needed to burn away the fat quickly. Any low-calorie diet is effective for weight loss, but only NutriMost offers a tailored plan that corrects hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances so the weight stays off.

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Brixo Block Brings Lego to Life

Brixo action blocks are allowing people to create mechanized Lego cities. These tiny, high tech, Lego-sized blocks function to give creations like miniature Ferris Wheels a little more action. Now, they actually move!

The possibilities for creativity are nearly limitless. Kids, adults, and everyone in between are now able to use Brixo blocks to kick start their imagination.

The do-gooders and helpers of the world have a new range of materials to work with – we can expect people to use the tiny blocks to broaden even more horizons.

Only time will tell how people will use Brixo blocks to create something far more serious than fun – say – a mini rocket to the moon! Or, a working mini wheelchair for Lego’s first-ever mobility impaired character.

Many Lego products already include tools such as wheels and rods, and people have been using them to create amazing works of Lego mastery. Master builders who work with Lego can now add working equipment to the Lego White House – or whatever their minds can mechanize.

According to Brixo’s Kickstarter advertisement video, the blocks consist of connector blocks, action blocks, and trigger blocks. A small amount of electrical current runs through the blocks; simply arrange them properly, and watch the action blocks light or begin to move. The trigger blocks can even be programmed to respond to things such as sound and proximity.

Nerds and architects can pre-order the blocks on Boaz Almog’s Kickstarter page – which exceeded its contribution goal by $650,000! Clearly, the world is ready for a new generation of Lego building blocks.