Queen Guitarist Brings Victorian Tech to 2016

Move over, Google Cardboard! Superstar guitarist Brian May of Queen has teamed up with the London Stereoscopic Company to release a new version of the OWL Stereo-Viewer.

Ever since the resoundingly positive market response to Fitbit and the Apple Watch, the wearable technology industry has exploded–and, according to predictions by CCS Insight, the trend is here to stay with the market predicted to gross $14 billion in revenue by the end of 2016.

Although top tech companies will still be vying for a place on your wrist for the foreseeable future, Brian May, guitarist and astrophysicist, envisions a world where 3D and virtual reality will be more accessible than anyone thought possible. Inspired by a love of stereoscopes he’s possessed since he was a child, Brian May has created an ingenious response to Google Cardboard: the OWL Virtual Reality Kit. Its ingenious, but incredibly simple polypropylene design is simultaneously modest and elegant but also durable and very inexpensive at $36 to pre-order.

The OWL Virtual Reality Kit may also prove a tough competitor for existing headsets. Not only is it ready for use in seconds with no assembly required, but it boasts compatibility to any make of smartphone. This is something that could even make Google sweat, as Cardboard is only compatible with certain types and sizes of phones. Apple should also take careful note; although the tech giant has not confirmed the rumors of its own virtual reality headset, will likely release their new toy as being made for iPhone with limited function for other brands (much like they did with EarPods). Brian May may certainly have cornered himself a nice piece of the future of the VR industry with his flexible and timeless headset design.

The OWL Virtual Reality Kit is available for pre-order online at the London Stereoscopic Company.

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