Is Online Privacy as Good at It’s Cut out to Be? Facebook Implements New Change

With the rapidly growing influx of technology, many forms of communication have sprung, most noticeably the social media platform Facebook. Scrolling through Facebook has evolved into something people do on a daily basis. However, few consider just how vulnerable of a position they really are in when posting a comment or uploading that perfect selfie. Considering that it only costs a few hundred dollars for a hacker to hack into a Facebook account, it’s no wonder that they website has become a breeding ground for scammers and hackers to plunder and pillage.

When something goes online, it will always be there, even if you delete it. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to fix this thriving issue. Although the date has not been specified, Facebook is planning to release an update to allow its 900 million users to have the option to protect themselves through the use of end to end encryption, which only allows certain users send messages to people they see fit, while effectively blocking out others from viewing.

However, the future update has caused a paltry dispute, because while Facebook will be unable to see the messages its users send, it also prevents law enforcement officers from viewing them as well.

So, should end to end encryption be allowed to be viewed by law enforcement, or is going the private message route the best option?

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