The Tech Industry’s Pricy Rise After Brexit

Britain continues to feel the sting of its people’s vote to leave the European Union, and it looks like its tech industry is not immune from the damage. Prices are increasing for many of the large retailers of computers and other large electronics in the United Kingdom, including American and Asian firms, because of supposed uncertainty in the market following the Brexit vote.

The Brexit vote had many sad implications and broad-reaching consequences that deserve merit, but it also have profound impacts on specific sections of European culture and the global economy that also deserve to be spotlighted, and one of those specific areas is the tech industry. If British technical expertise can’t be coupled with that of the Germans and the buying power of the European Union’s common market, there are hundreds of millions of dollars of innovative, new technology that might be unnecessarily hindered because of trade barriers and barriers to free movement that didn’t have to be there in the first place.

Technology is going to be part of the future, even if we’re not ready for it. The United States can no longer dominate the world overwhelmingly all on its own, as a rising China and a continually powerful Japan and South Korea maintain a large presence in the tech industry, but we should hope that Europe could remain united if we want to continue to be able to compete for jobs, investments, and security into the 21st century.

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