Malware Hits Millions of Android Products, But Don’t Fret Just Yet

Earlier today, BBC News revealed that 10 million Android phones had been infected with malware that created clicks to generate content for its creators. BBC reported that the malware, which is making $300,000 per month for its creators, has affected mostly Chinese phones.

Most news stories you read about this or other hacks and malware infections will tell you to avoid opening links from sources you don’t know, to avoid clicking on websites you don’t know, and to have security systems on your computer that are continually scanning for viruses and malware. You should absolutely listen to all of them, because that’s exactly what you can do to potentially lower the risks of being the victim of a malware attack.

When we hear news about this, we sometimes get scared because we can’t eliminate our chances of having our identities and technology compromised, but we should remember that most of the time, our things and our identities are safe. Technology is becoming increasingly vulnerable as the world becomes more deeply integrated and connected through online communities and shared networks, but it is also becoming more secure and more able to defend itself against outside hacks than ever before.

Me doing hours and hours of research for my thesis should be enough to prove that the internet is still an overwhelming force for good in the world. It’s just now the challenge of the industry to create ways to protect it.

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