Investment Advisor Danilo Diaz Granados Thinks Miami Is Turning Into A Financial Hub For Latinos

Miami may never be the “Wall Street of the South,” but some wealthy Latino investors think there is a strong possibility that more hedge funds and investment firms are going to relocate to Miami. Miami is not just a place to enjoy the incredible weather and a favorable tax climate, according to Fireman Capital Partners investment advisor, Danilo Diaz Granados. Granados was born In Venezuela but was educated in Boston. He has an economics degree from Babson College and a good eye for identifying fruitful investments. Miami has become a major destination for high-worth Latino investors from Europe, South America, and New York, according to Granados.

Traditional banking has lost a great deal of market-share in Miami. Hedge funds, private equity firms, and investment banks are the flavors of the day in Miami. Granados is also documenting the economic changes in Miami. Danilo Diaz Granados started Edge of Glory Films to show the world what being Latino really means in America. Granados is acting as the producer, director, editor, and marketer of his company, so when he’s not investing, he’s filming.

Miami has a solid Latino financial infrastructure now. There are Latino law firms, Latino accountants, and even Latino banks, and that means the support for a variety of Latino financial services companies is in place. Granados said that years ago people said that Miami was becoming an IT hub, but that hasn’t been true until recently. Miami is now an IT and financial hub for Latino businesses and investors. Miami now has 13 investment banks, 60 hedge funds, 19 private equity firms, and 63 wealth management firms, and most of them cater to Latinos. Granados also said that there are more than 200 family offices that manage money for wealthy Latino families with assets of more than $50 million. The total assets managed by the private wealth industry in Miami are more than $300 billion, according to Danilo Diaz Granados.

Danilo Diaz Granados has a strong Latino client base, and his film company continues to crank out exception documentaries about “living Latino” in South Florida. His insight is changing the way foreign investors think about Miami. It’s not just about the weather anymore.  Follow him on social media too, including Danilo’s official Instagram.

The Seattle Genetics’ Ambitious plans to Add More Drugs and workers with CEO Clay Siegall Approval

October 13th, 2016 — UPDATE — Clay Siegall thrives on board of directors for Mirna Therapuetics :

The Puget Sound area’s cancer research community is on the watch out. The cancer treatment institution Seattle Genetics (Nasdaq: SGEN) is an early maturity section of what is dividing the region.


What are the company’s roles?

The firm medicine company is attempting to broaden the application of its first drug. The organization is as well trying to expand its drug pipeline with current medications and starting on yet another hiring celebration.

The moves lead to Seattle Genetics’ aggressiveness and underscores Seattle’s function as a core of cancer research.

The organization is attempting out its only advertised drug, Adcetris, in more cancer-treatment situations. According to the CEO Clay Siegall, the drug is being examined in more than 70 experiments versus several kinds of lymphomas.

Seattle Genetics’ ambitious plan for 12 more drugs, 100 more employees

The Seattle Genetics firm is leading an improved clinical examination. The test applies Adcetris as a “frontline” therapy for earlier untreated or recently diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma. Clay Siegel said that the test’s conclusions would have “by far the biggest force on the corporation” out of the examinations done this year.


Market value of Adcetris

Adcetris is applied broadly to resist lymphomas. The medicine racked up $226 million in U.S. and Canadian sellouts last year. Trades in those nations for 2016 will be in the range of $255 -$275 million. The information is in accordance with the firm’s statement in its recent direction for investors. The company’s associate, Takeda Pharmaceutical, trades the drug outside the Canada and U.S.


Is Adcetris the only drug produced by the firm?

No. Adcetris is among the many medications in the organization’s arsenal. According to Siegel, the company is producing 12 drugs at the moment. That figure doesn’t cover Adcetris.


The corporation aspires to introduce another drug, known as 33A, into Phase 3 clinical examinations this year. The company will apply the drug to fight against acute myeloid leukemia.

The organization has two other drugs for bladder cancer and a drug for breast cancer.


The firms plan to add more workers

The company is hiring in a great way. It intends to add 100 workers in the U.S. and around 20 to its office in Switzerland this year, Siegell said. It already has more than 800 employees.


Most of the fresh hires will be in operations, as objected to examination.

The firm’s longer-range aims are even more pretentious: Siegel said its offices have space for not just for another 100 workers, but for extra 350.

The company has been employing around 100 people a year for approximately the past five years.

Brian Bonar’s Diverse Success

Many companies need an outside look at what they are doing wrong. They get coaught up in their own workings that they start to lose sight of the grand scheme of their financials. That is where Brian Bonar and Dalrada Financial Corporation come into play. The company helps other businesses put their resources in the right places, helping improve their efficiency.

Along with this, they make sure that these services are at the top of their field by always updating their programs so they don’t miss a step when looking over another company.

A main contributor to the success and innovation at Dalrada Financial Corporation is Brian Bonar. He has been the chairman and CEO of the company for over a decade and while there has implemented many different company building programs. A particularly successful one being a wide selection of employee and employer benefits.

These are programs that Dalrada Financial Corporation incorporates into other businesses. These programs help to build the efficiency of employees and also supply benefits to them. Programs like this are great to build employee loyalty and their working attitudes. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

This kind of intuitive talent to be able to implement these kinds of programs is what has made Brian Bonar such a success in the financial sector. He has worked in finances for about 30 years, which has given him the real world experience that so many value.

Along with this, his career also includes him being the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

By taking all these jobs he has been able to hone his financial skills on top of his Ph.D. However, his financial skills have also carried him outside working for other companies.

Brian Bonar has used them to fuel his own entrepreneurial spirit and start his own restaurant called Bellamy’s. From the start, he hired the best he could find and made the restaurant into a thriving business.

The skills he possesses are just part of who he is, the bold and hardworking attitude he maintains are the other half of what makes him one of the best at what he does. These traits have carried Brian Bonar far in his career and will continue to take him much further.

Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Intel Jumps Into the VR Pool With Project Alloy

Virtual reality is an exciting new technology that isn’t actually new at all. For decades, various technology companies have attempted to make VR a consumer friendly experience, and for decades, those same companies have failed. The graphical and computational horsepower needed to make virtual reality a convincing experience has never been as affordable, and as available, as it is now. The financial and technical limitations that held VR back in the past no longer exist, and multiple tech heavyweights have thrown their headsets into the ring in a battle for VR supremacy. Samsung, HTC (along with Valve), and Oculus all have headsets currently on the market, with Sony’s Playstation 4 VR headset coming in the fall, and now Intel has decided to join the fray with its Project Alloy headset.

Intel has been the leader in microprocessors for years, fighting off vicious competition from AMD to stay at the top of the industry. Now they have a brand new fight on their hands, against competitors who already have more gaming expertise, such as HTC and Valve, or a large head start like the one Oculus has. Intel is hoping that the main thing that sets Project Alloy apart from its competition, the fact that it’s completely wireless, will grab the attention of media members, as well as consumers, who may already be suffering from VR fatigue. Intel is also banking on their relationship with Windows to help them on the software side, with Microsoft’s Holographic operating system platform being featured on Project Alloy. There are still plenty of questions that remain unanswered regarding Project Alloy, as Intel didn’t give very many details regarding the hardware specifications or pricing and availability.

The virtual reality market is quickly becoming overcrowded, with no less than four different headsets all fighting over the same general market. Intel obviously has the marketing and research budget to decide whether or not entering this space is a smart business decision, but you have to wonder if consumers feel the same way about the Intel brand as they do about Samsung, HTC or Oculus. Intel has a sterling reputation among PC hardware enthusiasts, but do mass market consumers have the same loyalty? That remains to be seen.

Effects of Brexit on the NYC Apartments for Rent

The international community is currently experiencing a lot of uncertainty. This is driving capital flows to the US, lowering the treasury rates in the country and growing equity and debt to the New York City. The idea by the United Kingdom to leave EU is believed to have significantly affected the international world, and investors are trying to understand all the potential effects of the decision. Many people are now wondering how the UK will be conducting its business, while others are wondering whether Scotland will ask for independence.

The financial crisis that took place in 2008 made many investors in the domestic and international industries to go towards markets that were considered to be safe for their capital. Most people opted to go for the U.S Treasuries. This is known as Flight to equity. This article summarizes the effects of Brexit on the NYC Apartments for Rent

After the Brexit, history seems to be repeating itself. Investors from all parts of the world are shifting their capital to the US, because they believe that it will be safe. All the other markets are being considered risky. As the investors shift their investment capital, the New York City real estate will be one of the big beneficiaries.

NYC has a robust economy, and its population is growing fast. The demand for NYC apartments for rent is very high at the moment, and all the investors are looking for a real estate company in the city to invest in. NYC is currently the leader in job employments, and this also explains the demand for NYC apartments for rent.

If you are an investor looking for a safe haven for your investments, TOWN residential is the company you should consult. The company specializes in real estate in the New York City. Town Residential is led by professionals in the real estate industry in the country, with a lot of experience. These professionals will ensure that your investment capital is safe during the ongoing uncertainty, and you will most probably make good profits. Town Residential has several apartments in the New York City, and they are all doing well. The company is doing quite well, registering huge amounts of profits, even when the market is not stable.

Why Make Use of the ABC Group and Nizan Guanes

Both marketing and advertising are essential for a successful company, but these can also be extremely difficult if you are not used to this and doing it all on your own. This is why a lot of people are making the decision to hire professionals when it comes to all of their marketing and advertising needs. Knowing that there are amazing companies out there that can help with this task makes it a lot easier for you to hire the professionals and know that you are getting the best possible care available to you when it comes to your company’s marketing.


One of the top Brazilian companies in the marketing and advertising field is known as the ABC group. One of the co-founders and partners of the group is known as Nizan Guanes, and he is one of the top marketing and advertising professionals in the country. This allows you to know that you are working with a true professional who has the experience and education behind him to give you the exact options you need to expand your company and get it well known to the public.


There was never anything wrong with hiring a professional if you know they are going to be able to help you expand your company and get it to where it needs to be in order to bring in the money that you wish it could. A lot of businesses fail within their first couple of years because of a lack of marketing and advertising, so it is essential that you hire Nizan Guanes and begin to work with him on a routine basis to get the advertising and marketing options that you need to keep your company afloat and growing in a positive manner. Lots of people are choosing to hire this expert for their own needs and it is definitely a great option for you as well.

Are Hillary and Trump Lying – How Robots are Taking Over America?

Recently, the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is focusing on bringing jobs back from China to the United States. For blue-collar workers, who are struggling with job cuts since the start of the Millennium, it may be a good sign. Already, the media is covering news of how American companies are trying to keep their promise of “Made in America” by cutting off-shore jobs. However, unknown to many news readers and the general public, cut-backs of Chinese labors and installing local plants is hardly going to work if the local jobs are overseen by robots instead of humans.

For instance, Ranir, maker of electric toothbrush, is just one of the many companies that are rolling-back operations from China. In theory, the company would bring the jobs back to the American people as it brought nearly one-fifth of the production to Grand Rapids. In China, these jobs were carried out by large number of workers because it needed huge man-power. For Americans, it will mean that there will be more jobs as Ranir produces nearly 13,000 toothbrush heads for major retailers such as Wall-mart and others. In reality, Ranir saved cost by automating its plants, which means that it will only need a handful of employees who can sit in their cubicle overseeing several robots in the new plant. As such, these robots will replace U.S. workers. In fact, the few human workers will also need to be tech-savvy, which will require more formal education and technical expertise.

According to Brad Hershbein, economist at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, the trend of automation will likely continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, the likely promise of Trump and Clinton to impose strict trade policies on China and giving back jobs to the Americans is fraught with challenges. In fact, Brad and several other industry analysts believe that automation will take more jobs away from Americans compared to the jobs provided by installing domestic manufacturing plants. They also claim that job cuts will continue as almost all major companies in the United States are reverting to automation. For instance, the Big Four of U.S. automobile industry depend on skilled humans to make small interior auto parts. However, in the coming two to three years, dexterous robots will also take over the skilled art.

CCMP Capital Remembers the Contributions of Stephen Murray

The late Stephen Murray (August 2, 1962 – March 12, 2015) former chief executive officer of CCMP Capital is remembered as a family man and a philanthropist. Mr. Stephen left office a month earlier due to what the company termed as “health-related” issues. The main cause of death was not reported. Stephen had served the company for more than 20 years.

Mr. Stephen played a major role in the success of the organization and its predecessors. Earlier, the organization was known as Chase Capital Partners. The company was purchased by JP Morgan hence, changing its name to JP Morgan Partners. JP Morgan Partners was a huge success as it became one of the leading private equity firms both locally and internationally.

Due to a spin-off in 2006, CCMP left the group with Stephen at the helm. Mr. Stephen succeeded Jeff Walker who was the founder of the group. Before his unfortunate demise, Stephen served on the board of Credit Investors, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, and Strongwood Insurance Holdings.

Mr. Stephen joined JP Morgan’s merchant bank in 1989 and was charged with the responsibility of structuring a sizeable private-equity business. The company became a major participant in investments and was able to acquire corporations like Aramark. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

The current chair of CCMP, Greg Brenneman said that they were deeply saddened by the news of Stephen’s death. Mr. Greg went ahead to send a heartfelt condolence to Stephen’s family. In his long letter to Stephen’s family, he noted that Stephen was a great man, the pride, and joy of his family.

Stephen spent the better part of his life in private equity and through this, he attained exceptional deal making abilities. Mr. Greg concluded his condolence message by stating that the entire CCMP team was grateful for the major developments that Stephen brought to CCMP and its predecessors.

Stephen’s Early Life

Mr. Stephen Murray was born in Brooklyn, New York. He spent most of his early childhood life in North Tarrytown, New York. He went to Sleepy Hollow High School and later enrolled at Boston College. At the Boston College, he majored in economics. After his graduation in 1984, he enrolled in the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hannover.

Murray earned his master’s in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School. He served in different positions at the firm’s predecessors before becoming the head of the organization. Some of the predecessors of the firm include Chase Capital Partners, Chemical Venture Partners, and JP Morgan Partners.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Reputable Nutrimost Upset Over Theft

It takes a lot of effort for a weight loss company to build up the kind of reputation that Nutrimost has. The company has worked to show the people that they service that they are legitimate and that they are able to provide their customers with the highest level of weight loss results. They also make sure that they give their customers the best products available: an approach that isn’t really taken into consideration in the world of weight loss products and supplements that could actually be detrimental to the health of the people who choose to use them.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

One such company that doesn’t really care about the health of their customers recently stole a video from Nutrimost. The video contained information on the product, the approach and the satisfaction of the clients who have used it in the past. The video also included opinions and information that was provided by medical professionals. It was designed specifically for the Nutrimost company and was not to be used to change the opinions of other people when it came to the way that they used other products. This was something that caused a lot of grief for Nutrimost and they are working to ensure that their video is taken down.

The company was not exactly complacent when Nutrimost originally asked them to take the video down. They ignored a cease and desist letter that was sent to them and they continued to leave the video on their site. Nutrimost is now going to try to recover the damages that came from using the video and they are working to make sure that their reputation is brought back up to the point that it was at. There are many steps to the process, but the first begins with the lawsuit that they have opened against the other company.

Ford Latest Car Company To Invest In Self-Driving Tech

Google might be getting the most headlines when it comes to self-driving cars, but Ford apparently wants to join the party. The Motley Fool reports Ford has joined forces with the Chinese search-engine giant, Baidu to invest more than $150 million in a maker of sensors that are going to be critical to self-driving cars.

This investment represents a doubling down by Ford in Silicon Valley. While the firm has long been known as one of the largest automotive makers in the world, it is going to great lengths to be more recognizable in the tech world. As part of the investment in this particular technology, the company has said it is going to be expanding its Palo Alto, California research center.

This expansion is going to entail adding two new buildings to the facility and will also ramp up the number of employees that are working there. Right now, Ford has about 130 people working there, and the firm announced on Tuesday it was going to expanding its employee roll to more than 260 workers.

The company Ford and Baidu are investing in is known as Velodyne which specializes in the LiDAR sensor. LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, and it uses lasers to construct rather highly detailed maps of the car’s surroundings. This kind of sensor is expected to be a very big deal when cars that are driving themselves become something that is quite a bit more prevalent.

Until very recently, these sensors were considered far too expensive to put out on the mass market. Outside investors like Ford are going to be working to drive the production cost down. Now only is this a big time investment in a burgeoning technology, but it is a real step forward in the self-driving car market.

Velodyne has already been working on coming up with a new version of the sensor that is cheaper to make, while still being the same quality level. These smaller sensors are called “Pucks” because of their size and shape. Those Pucks were most recently shown off earlier this year at the annual CES.

Ford’s Palo Alto facility has long been focusing on self-driving car technology, and these moves show the company is getting ready to go all in on the tech.