Raj Fernando: Giving Back When It’s Most Needed

Raj Fernando is a successful Trader, Philanthropist, and Political Supporter. Before becoming founder and CEO of Chopper Trading in 2002, Fernando had amassed extensive experience in the stock exchange business. He started out working the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1991, becoming a member in 1997. He remained at the CBOT until 2003.

Raj Fernando is not only a successful businessman,but also a generous philanthropist, mainly in the city of Chicago. Chopper Trading and Fernando had donated $1.7 million to multiple nonprofits by 2011. The company has around 250 employees and Fernando prefers to donate either where it’s most needed or when one of his employees asks for a matching donation.

” When we see a good charity, we like to help.” Fernando explained in an article on http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/sweet-who-is-raj-fernando-and-why-is-the-gop-interested-in-him/. When one of the company’s employees’ child was born prematurely, for example, Chopper Trading matched multiple employees’ requests for donations to The March of Dimes. Donations are typically matched up to $2,000. Fernando’s and Chopper Trading’s philanthropic works cover a range of causes as seen fit. Donations have been made to PAWS Chicago, a no-kill shelter, The Wounded Warriors Project, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, and several others.

Fernando’s philanthropy doesn’t just stop there, however, he is also an avid supporter of the arts. He is a governing member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and supports The Steppenwolf Theatre, a Tony-award winning Chicago theatre company that has housed such productions as John Steinback’s “The Grapes of Wrath”.

Fernando is also a political supporter, having personally donated $9,400 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He also hosted a private fundraising event at his home for Clinton’s campaign on July 21. Guests contributed $2,700 per person and the top donors, raising $50,000 each, were named members of the “Hillstarters” program. Supporting the Democratic campaign since 2003, Fernando has hosted fundraisers for Barack Obama in 2008 and has donated $30,000 to WomenCount. The political action committee’s aim is to elect Democratic women to run for office.

Fernando was born the youngest of three children to CK and Laura Fernando, both well educated in business and the arts. He moved to the United States before the age of one. Fernando studied at Beloit College and the University College London. Fernando sold Chopper Trading in 2015 to DRW Trading Group and launched an internet startup, Scoutahead.com where he is the Chairman and CEO.

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