A New Way For Connecting Parents and Teachers

For a long time now parents and teachers have only been able to communicate at the quarterly parent/teacher conference or by notes sent back and forth and the occasional phone call. Teachers just do not have the time to speak to every parent on a one-to-one basis on the telephone throughout the day. ClassDojo is changing all of this. This is an app used by approximately two-thirds of schools across the United States now as a way for parents and teachers to communicate and connect during the day regarding the child’s education.

Teachers are able to send photos and videos to the parents as the child is working on projects or doing reports and even just in their own learning atmosphere listening to instruction. Teachers and parents are able to privately text message each other about the child which provides more a connection between them and enhances the child’s learning experience. No longer does the parent have to wait until the child comes home from school to learn about the things the child has done during the day. The child also is able to showcase their work through taking photos and adding them to their own personal digital portfolio for the parent to see.

ClassDojo is a ground-up change that is changing the ways schools and parents interact in a positive way. It is a creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as it allows parents to view inside the classroom without having to be there. This spills over into the home life of the child as the parent is able to know more about what the child has done during the day at school and things they can help the child with as opposed to feeling in the dark about the learning process.

Having the ClassDojo available for parents and teachers to use creates a communication platform like never before. Teachers and administration personnel are able to add upcoming events to the calendar on this app so that parents can always stay on top of things and never miss out on an event.

Parents, teachers and students now have a new way to feel connected and this only makes everyone involved feel more confident that information is given properly and that all are available throughout the day to share this information. It is no wonder that Class Dojo is on the rise and will be in more and more schools to come.

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