Products That Promise You Wengie-Like Skin

UPDATE: August 25th, 2016
Wengie has just added several brand new videos to her Youtube channel. She is now including videos about cats, several DIY projects, and more! Follow the links below to view.


Often times, a beauty routine is all about the products. However, most people do not have the time nor money to shop for these elaborate items, so they must suffer in silence with less than perfect skin. Well, Australian beauty blogger, Wengie, refuses to let her followers window shop through her videos, and creates informational tutorials describing not only the best, organic skincare products to use, but the most cost-effective ones as well.

Let’s talk stellar skincare products

Erborian Herbal Energy Lotion 30%:


Your skin is a living organ, and needs a little nudge here and there. This lotion leaves skin feeling soft, healthily moist, and bright enough to make it through the day energetically. Makeup is great, but this product brightens your skin naturally, making that foundation a seemingly tedious part of your routine.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Facial Oil:Your skin can be too oily, but it can never be too moisturized nor too full of nutrients. Wengie loves the way that this classic, natural product smells, and absolutely loves the vibrancy, elasticity, and moisture that it adds to her already perfect skin.

SkinFood Pomegranate Sleeping Mask:Skincare takes dedication and hard work…even when you are asleep. Antioxidants in a diet are good enough for your skin, but what if you apply the same nutrients directly on your skin? That is the madness behind this scented face mask, and Wengie enjoys using them on her face a few times a week. Peel if off in the morning and cleanse as usual.

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula YE Effector Serum:Serums are powerful blends that serve a specific purpose. Some lighten complexions, others shrink pores, and some dry up excess oil. This particular serum leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, clean, and refreshed.


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