Reputable Nutrimost Upset Over Theft

It takes a lot of effort for a weight loss company to build up the kind of reputation that Nutrimost has. The company has worked to show the people that they service that they are legitimate and that they are able to provide their customers with the highest level of weight loss results. They also make sure that they give their customers the best products available: an approach that isn’t really taken into consideration in the world of weight loss products and supplements that could actually be detrimental to the health of the people who choose to use them.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

One such company that doesn’t really care about the health of their customers recently stole a video from Nutrimost. The video contained information on the product, the approach and the satisfaction of the clients who have used it in the past. The video also included opinions and information that was provided by medical professionals. It was designed specifically for the Nutrimost company and was not to be used to change the opinions of other people when it came to the way that they used other products. This was something that caused a lot of grief for Nutrimost and they are working to ensure that their video is taken down.

The company was not exactly complacent when Nutrimost originally asked them to take the video down. They ignored a cease and desist letter that was sent to them and they continued to leave the video on their site. Nutrimost is now going to try to recover the damages that came from using the video and they are working to make sure that their reputation is brought back up to the point that it was at. There are many steps to the process, but the first begins with the lawsuit that they have opened against the other company.

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