Investment Advisor Danilo Diaz Granados Thinks Miami Is Turning Into A Financial Hub For Latinos

Miami may never be the “Wall Street of the South,” but some wealthy Latino investors think there is a strong possibility that more hedge funds and investment firms are going to relocate to Miami. Miami is not just a place to enjoy the incredible weather and a favorable tax climate, according to Fireman Capital Partners investment advisor, Danilo Diaz Granados. Granados was born In Venezuela but was educated in Boston. He has an economics degree from Babson College and a good eye for identifying fruitful investments. Miami has become a major destination for high-worth Latino investors from Europe, South America, and New York, according to Granados.

Traditional banking has lost a great deal of market-share in Miami. Hedge funds, private equity firms, and investment banks are the flavors of the day in Miami. Granados is also documenting the economic changes in Miami. Danilo Diaz Granados started Edge of Glory Films to show the world what being Latino really means in America. Granados is acting as the producer, director, editor, and marketer of his company, so when he’s not investing, he’s filming.

Miami has a solid Latino financial infrastructure now. There are Latino law firms, Latino accountants, and even Latino banks, and that means the support for a variety of Latino financial services companies is in place. Granados said that years ago people said that Miami was becoming an IT hub, but that hasn’t been true until recently. Miami is now an IT and financial hub for Latino businesses and investors. Miami now has 13 investment banks, 60 hedge funds, 19 private equity firms, and 63 wealth management firms, and most of them cater to Latinos. Granados also said that there are more than 200 family offices that manage money for wealthy Latino families with assets of more than $50 million. The total assets managed by the private wealth industry in Miami are more than $300 billion, according to Danilo Diaz Granados.

Danilo Diaz Granados has a strong Latino client base, and his film company continues to crank out exception documentaries about “living Latino” in South Florida. His insight is changing the way foreign investors think about Miami. It’s not just about the weather anymore.  Follow him on social media too, including Danilo’s official Instagram.

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