Sharing an Office in Manhattan, Workville NYC is the Prime Example


Shared office spaces are the latest concept for entrepreneurs, freelancers and people starting their own businesses who want to avoid the typical office. Co-working spaces consist of offices, suites, and cubicles that are rented out individually instead of renting an entire office or building for your business.

Smaller businesses work amazingly well in this arrangement for many reasons, so co-working communities are becoming popular in everywhere from New York City to Miami to LA.

The Millenial Generation are filling these buildings because it fits their lifestyle so well, and other business owners are doing the same. Saving money is a major reason, and it is very understandable. The one, all-inclusive rent for the month includes security, lights, space, parking, endless coffee, typically, office cleaning and an environment that has a community feeling. It is non-threatening because there is no competition like there can be in a corporate setting.

Research and surveys reveal that the community feeling is one of the most important reasons for leaving a single office setting. Despite the fact that the monthly rent will be lower and there is more freedom to focus on work. You can forget about the “office duties” such as maintaining a clean office. or making coffee for the entire office.

Workville NYC is a spectacular example of shared co-working spaces in New York, in operation. Located at 1412 Broadway, Workville occupies the entire 21st floor. This a luxury office building with three terraces to step out and get a breath of fresh air or to have a private meeting. Office workers are able to come and go 24 hours a day, a feature for those who have atypical hours, and it has all of the usual amenities.

New workers are permitted to bid for their office space here. The offices are different sizes, and your bid includes your space along with the amenities. They also offer conference rooms for $100 an hour, virtual mail at $50 a month and anyone can rent space for an hour, a day or a week. Workville has created a community that thrives and invites others in to join them.

Assisted Living Facilities with Good Reputations


Assisted living facilities have become a huge necessity in the modern world. However, there are some facilities that stand out more than others, and this is the case with The Manse on Marsh.

The Manse on Marsh is, obviously, a facility that is situated in San Luis Obispo, California, serving in part of the Arroyo Grande area. The reason this particular facility stands out a bit is because it recently won the “Caring Star Award,” which is an award that is given to those programs that specialize in service excellence and do so in memory care communities in America based off of high rated consumer reviews and ratings.

The Caring Star Award has been around for the last four years and in order for any facility or community to earn one, they must have three consumer reviews within a year’s span, have an overall average rating of four stars or more, and have no negative reviews left in the public. The Manse on Marsh has not only met all of these expectations but surpassed them with an all-time rating of five stars, though having a very favorable online reputation has also given the living facility some help.

For a closer look into what makes this place special and deserving of its award, The Manse on Marsh has served as a nationally recognized assisted living care system and provides a multitude of services through a point system that is based on the resident’s unique needs and wants. These services include medication treatment, meal reminders and bathing and grooming services, and it is all done to ensure that each resident gets only the services that they pay for and the assistance that is required to do so.

In addition to these unique care services, there are a wide variety of amenities that come with the facility. These include having spacious flats and private homes, high quality open dining for guests, social activities, transportation that is easy and convenient for guests, nurses on staff and also laundry services. They are one of the top San Luis Obispo assisted living services, and be sure to follow The Manse Blog for more information.

The Importance of Admitting To Mistakes

One thing that could increase the trust of customers is if a business owner admits to any mistake that he made. For one thing, it shows that he is in touch with reality. One thing that people don’t trust is a perfect individual. One reason is that they know that the individual is not perfect. Therefore, if there happens to be a crisis, then there is going to be a lot of attention paid to the person that is the subject of the crisis. One thing they are going to look at is if he is going to admit to any mistakes. It is especially important for the individual to admit to the mistakes that people already know about.
An individual that won’t admit to any mistake that he has made loses trust because people will conclude that he is either dishonest or unaware. As a result, they might also conclude that he is incompetent. Either way, they will deem him not worthy of trust. As a result, the businessman will lose customers. Therefore, it is important to admit to mistakes. This gives the customers and audience hope that work will be done to fix the mistakes, which is the next important step.

It is important to make a commitment to fix whatever mistakes that have been done. Therefore, the business improve both for the individual and the customers. As a result, the person will recover from the scandal in a way that makes him and his business stronger. Of course, he wants to replace all of the bad news with good news that comes up so that he will more easily improve his image over time. With the proper tactics of online reputation management, one will not only be able to recover his reputation, but he will also be able to maintain his reputation.


Panama’s Prominent Businessman Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, And Interesting Facts About The Country

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan entrepreneur, currently working in Panama. Mr Adrian is employed by three different companies, serving in three different positions. He has a high reputation in the business industry and uses his experience, expertise, and knowledge to work in the three positions in three different organizations. He serves as the President, Director, and in another firm as the treasurer. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is considered very influential in the business sector in Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs to succeed in their business ventures. His mentoring involves providing guidance consistently.

Prior to Panama boasting of beautiful beaches and excellent climate conditions, the country also serves as a diverse hub, joining together two continents, South and Central America. The country also shares very interesting facts, the Panama Canal for example, which serves as one of the top tourist attractions in the country, is 80 kilometers long and took the country 17 years to construct on The canal also serves as an integral contributor to the country’s revenue generation.

Panama’s beautiful sceneries and landscape provide a perfect habitat for over 960 species birds, ranking top in terms of biodiversity. This habitat is said to host more species of birds than U.S and Canada summed up. Another interesting fact about Panama is that since 1994, the country has and still uses the U.S dollar as their national currency.

El Valle de Anton is a town that was constructed in a crater of an inactive volcano and serves as a popular destination for tourists like Figueroa. The elevated grounds give the city a cool and serene atmosphere. Panama has a diverse culture since 70 percent of the population is a mixture of Europeans and Native Americans. Panama serves as the country with the lowest population, and also fertility rate. Its population consists of 3.6 million people.

The countries history is interesting, being that it was first explored in the 16th Century by the Spanish, but later on in 1821 broke ties and joined a union with Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. The four countries merged to form the republic of Gran Colombia. Venezuela was the first to break off from the union in 1830. Later on, in 1903, Panama with the help of United States broke off from being a part of Columbia and undertook a treaty to construct the Canal. Panama City has an untouched landscape and serves as the only capital with a rainforest in the world. See:

What You Should Know About Cone Marshall

Looking for a great law firm was no easy task, but when I researched reputable law firms in New Zealand, I happened upon the firm Cone Marshall. I had to find one relatively close to where I live in Auckland, and I was thrilled to learn that this was the right location for me to get the legal help I needed most for my business. Taxes can be overwhelming, and if you don’t find the right attorney it can make your attempt to get things corrected go awry.

I also discovered that if I wanted to keep my business name under lock and key, the best option for me was to work Karen Marshall as a private client. New Zealand refers to itself as the model for tax transparency which is great, but taxes are daunting no matter where they are filed, but I found out early on that New Zealand is not a tax haven. In fact, the word is that New Zealand will never make the list of places that will be a tax haven.

Here’s how I see it; New Zealand is a beautiful country, and I love living here. I also love my business, and I have a successful one. I want to make sure that all things regarding my taxes are understood, and that I fully understand how I must abide by the law regarding those taxes in a corporate and personal structure.

Whether you know this or not isn’t important, but there is no secret banking industry that rules the country in New Zealand. While having lived in the United States and hearing all of the discussions regarding the private banking industry there, it pains me to think that what we have is so much greater. The transparency regarding all things in business is a pleasant one in New Zealand, and I think I can stand to live without the secret notions of an underground bank here.

It was in 2002 that the “Gold Standard” for taxes was launched in New Zealand, and it’s still in effect today. An agreement referred to as the Exchange Information on Tax Matters created a white list of those countries that were agreeable to keeping the transparency on corporate taxes, and New Zealand was the first to participate. I’m glad I opened my business in New Zealand.

Euphoria in a bottle: Makari de Suisse Skin Lightening Creams

Ladies are you struggling with uneven skin tone, discoloration, or dark spots? Have you tried products that have failed to provide you results or have harsh chemicals that do more damage than good? Have you tried products that have produced temporary results? Well, all these issues can be resolved with one simple word Makari!

As the leader in international skin care dominating the market in natural skin care, Makari de Suisse products were developed using natural ingredients and have been proven to provide long lasting results. Makari tasked a group of beauty experts to create a product that enhances and beauties your skin leaving you feeling and looking good. In Swahili Makari means beautiful and for the last 10 years Makari have helped people define their beauty and eliminate skin issues. These products were made specifically for women with dark skin tones. Real Facebook testimonials say after using these products “my skin looks radiant and feels baby soft too” and “Makari skincare is superb.”

Their natural formula has been recognized globally for creating stunning skin tones for dark skinned women with products such as the Caviar Face Lightening Cream, Premium Beauty Lightening Milk, and Day Lightening Cream. Makari offers a full line of skin lightening cream and other products to help you achieve euphoria. They offer a line of hair care products that include a treatment shampoo Caviar and Black Pearl, and Makari hair grow plus. They offer a line of cosmetics for the face, eye, and lips to include a designer loose face fix complexion powder. Makari also offers a fragrance that has been described as “mysterious” and “flamboyant.” But wait, Markari didn’t just stop with products for adults! They offer a line of products for the baby that work to keep the skin baby soft and beautiful. The baby line offers body soap, shampoos, a cleansing mild lotion, and other bath time essentials.

Visit their website to learn more about skin whitening:

Soros uses His Money to Make a Difference for European Migrants

Starting in 2013, millions of migrants have been fleeing from various parts of Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Most of these individuals have exited their homeland because of the ongoing war and strife that plagues these territories on NY Books. The vast majority of these refugees departed from the nation of Syria and have entered into various parts of Europe.

George Soros is a self-made billionaire who is heavily involved in politics. His first love and passion is business. Lately, he has been setting his sights on the political world. Soros is a major supporter of the Democratic party but he is also supporter of many causes that will help people to excel and grow.

George Soros has seen the migrant crisis in Europe unfold for many years. It alarms him. He already knows that the European Union is not as strong as it used to be. The millions of extra lives that are making an exodus into various parts the European continent could cause the EU to literally collapse.

Most of the migrants have been settled into Greece. This nation is already dealing with a financial crisis and the EU is still bailing them out of this situation. Trying to help another estimated 3 million souls to survive will only make things worse for each member country of the EU.

Germany is currently leading the way trying to mitigate the crisis. They are doing everything they can to keep this situation in check. France and other nations are lending support as well. The United Kingdom is a major player in the EU is also offering help but they are doing so at a distance.

It has long been an ongoing debate about the U.K. leaving the Union. If this happens, the EU would fold. This in turn would really send shock waves throughout Europe causing enormous problems across the board.

These are some of the major problems that George Soros is currently seeing over in Europe. He knows that if things are not turned around any time soon, Europe is going to be thrown into economic and social turmoil.

Soros does not pretend to have all the answers to this crisis. However, he does offer one solution to this problem. Soros has donated $500,000 million dollars to helping the refugees to establish businesses and infrastructure. Soros realizes that the refugees need to be productive and they need resources to make it in Europe.

Soros gathering the educated, experienced and knowledgeable people from out the refugees and putting them to work. His donations are more like investments that will help to build businesses, infrastructure and communities that will support the migrants.

Many countries are backing Soros and his efforts. Not every country necessarily agrees with what he is doing but they realize that his solution is helping to alleviate many problems with incoming refugees. Soros wants to use his investments to help European refugees and refugees in other parts of the world. More information about Soros’s investments and his plans concerning European refugees is available on the CNN news website.

Seattle Genetics Is The Best Place For New Cancer Medications

New cancer medications have been created many times over to help people who are fighting for their lives, but the most innovative way for people to get cancer treatment is to work with a company like Seattle Genetics. They are a good company that has been put together by Clay Siegall based on all his work. He created cancer treatments using antibodies, and he also wanted to be sure that he could help people with the items that he has created. He knew that there was no other way to help people without starting his own company, so he started a company that now can sell nearly $100 million in drugs in a year.

Someone who is in the trials with Seattle Genetics has probably already learned that their doctor trusts Seattle Genetics a lot, and they will be able to stay on those trials as long as they need to see results. Someone who is very interested in a new drug should ask their doctor if Seattle Genetics is right for them. Seattle Genetics is a great place to come when people need to try a new kind of medication, and Clay Siegall wants to offer even more to his newest patients.

He has created a plan that has been announced to offer up to 12 new drugs to the market. There are a lot more cancers that people need to to recover from their conditions, and all those people will be able to recover faster once Seattle Genetics has put in the time to set up their whole new line of drugs. The antibodies that Clay Siegall works with are very effective, and they will help people where no other drugs have. His plans for the future include helping people who are in need of a new cancer medication that only Seattle Genetics can provide.

Learn more:

The Hedge Fund Industry Is Facing Major Changes And Stephan Murray’s CCMP Capital Is Changing Too

When Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital, the firm was just breaking away from the JP Morgan/Chase investment firm. JP Morgan is considered the largest bank in the world. The firm has diversified over the years for a number of reasons. Most of those reasons involved moneymaking, so when the partners at JP Morgan decided to start a new investment firm, they asked long-time associate Stephen Murray to be the Chief Executive Officer of that new venture. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s skill as an investment banker was well known in the investment industry, so he was a natural choice. JP Morgan made that decision in 2006. Murray was the catalyst that produced high returns for the investors in CCMP Capital for the next eight years.

Stephen Murray had the brains, the education, and the charisma to lead an investment firm through the turbulent Great Recession, and he also had to insight to expand the asset base of the firm in 2009 when the values of assets around the world were at their lowest point in decades. CCMP Capital, under Murray’s leadership, had more than $3.6 billion in assets under management before he passed away in 2015. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital only invested $100 to $500 million in assets in the first years of operations, so building that kind of asset base was a major accomplishment for Murray.

Read more: Stephen Murray, Ex-CCMP Chief Who Built LBO Firm, Dies at 52

Raised in New York, Murray was the ultimate New Yorker. He went to College in Boston, but he quickly returned to New York City to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Columbia University. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was able to get a job with Manufacturers Hanover Trust right out of school, and he stayed there after the merger with JP Morgan in 2000. Murray had the ability to pick investment winners, and that trait earned him the title of Vice-President. Along with that title came a big paycheck. Stephen was earning millions when he became the CEO of CCMP Capital, and during the nine years he oversaw the investment firm, he made millions more.

The hedge fund industry started to crack a little back in 2014, but CCMP Capital held its ground. While hundreds of hedge fund closed in 2015, CCMP stayed the course but adjusted their internal operations to make up for the loss of Stephen Murray. The investment firm still considers Murray one of the best investment managers in the business, and the partners continue to do what Murray always did. They are still producing excellent returns for their investors.

Talk Fusion Review: Is it Right for You?

In the world of direct sales, few companies enjoy the kind of reputation that Talk Fusion does. Backed up by innovative, powerful products, this company offers an array of enticing benefits to its associates. Still, even with its excellent reputation, it pays to do some research before signing up to be an associate with Talk Fusion. This unbiased Talk Fusion review covers all of the basics, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to participate. If you are looking for an established, reputable direct sales opportunity, however, chances are that Talk Fusion is right for you.

What is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is a digital marketing tools company first and a direct sales opportunity second. This is an important distinction because all too often, direct sales opportunities lack the most important thing of all: products and services that people actually want. Talk Fusion is even better in some ways since it appeals to both businesses and individuals.

This company offers an all-in-one video marketing solution that is made up of several distinct products. These include video email, video newsletters, live meetings and webinars, video chat and sign-up forms. Everything is turnkey, so no real learning curve is involved. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy at all can get Talk Fusion up and running in no time.



Rather than sell each of these products individually, Talk Fusion offers them in bundles, which they refer to as plans. If you decide to become an associate, your goal will be to sign as many people and businesses up for as many plans as possible–and to keep them enrolled to keep receiving monthly payments.

Depending on your success as a Talk Fusion associate, the cost of your own plan may be partially or entirely covered.

The plans are as follows:

  • Video Email and Video Newsletter – As the name suggests, this plan includes these two products only. 5,000 contacts are also included, as with all other plans. Monthly cost: $25
  • Basic – This plan includes video email and video newsletters and adds sign-up forms, live meetings for up to 500 and video chat. Monthly cost: $50
  • Custom – This plan includes everything from the Basic plan plus 1 custom video email template per month and private branding for videos and newsletters. Monthly cost: $75

Earning Commissions as an Associate

Chances are that you are more concerned with how you earn commissions through Talk Fusion–and how much those commissions will be. Like most direct sales opportunities, there’s no “average” in terms of how much you can earn in commissions. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Talk Fusion has published an exhaustive guide to how their compensation plan works. The company is very transparent and straightforward about it, which is a very good sign.

First, for every monthly plan that you sell and is maintained, you earn commissions. You’ll get $5 per Video Email and Video Newsletter Plan; $10 per Basic plan; and $15 per Custom plan. There are no limit on these bonuses.

You also earn bonuses for Business Builder Packages, with the ability to earn a bonus of $120 for every $1,500 package that you sell. Other packages come with smaller bonuses.

The company also offers team commissions, which further incentivize you to grow your team. Each product is assigned a point value that is known as sales volume, or SV. When it pertains to your team, it is known as group sales volume, or GSV. You can earn up to a maximum of $50,000 per week in team commissions.

Talk Fusion also offers Mega Matching Bonuses that give you an extra 10-percent commission from sales by personally sponsored associates. Also, every month the company awards cash bonuses of up to $1,000 to the top 20 associates who personally sponsor the most new customers.


Huge Perks

It’s also worth mentioning here that if you stick with this program and work your way up, you may be eligible for some pretty exciting perks. These include an all expenses paid tropical vacation, a Rolex watch, gold and diamond recognition rings and even a Mercedes-Benz luxury car. These and other perks are earned by achieving and maintaining certain commission ranks, which begin at Bronze and continue up through Double Diamond and beyond.


One of the top selling points of Talk Fusion is that it pays commissions really fast. Indeed, they bill it as “instant compensation,” and that’s basically true. Within three minutes of making a sale, the commission is credited to your PAYLUTION e-wallet account. You must then transfer the funds from your wallet to your bank account, so there’s a bit of a process. Also, you must sign up for the wallet, and a $3 fee applies.

Customer Service and Support

Talk Fusion associates enjoy a wealth of customer support resources. These begin with the Back Office, which you access through an intuitively designed interface. It is easy to navigate and understand, and it’s where you conduct most of your online business.

The company also publishes many guides, which are available in their knowledge center. Additionally, customer service is available during regular business hours, or you can always shoot a quick email to customer support. Watch below:

Pros and Cons

Some of the top advantages of Talk Fusion include:

  • Stellar Reputation – Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, one of the most respected names in the marketing industry
  • Instant Compensation
  • Lucrative Perks
  • Great Products

There aren’t any major drawbacks to doing business with Talk Fusion. When stacked up against most other direct sales opportunities, it more than holds its own. Some folks complain about the small fees that are charged for various things, including the e-wallet, but those are just maintenance costs, and they pale in comparison to how much you stand to earn.

The Bottom Line on Talk Fusion

With its first-rate products, generous compensation plan and exciting perks, Talk Fusion is a prime opportunity for anyone who wants to make a living in direct sales.