John Goullet’s IT Solutions for Companies

In this digital age, companies have had to embrace technology to stay relevant. DIVERSANT LLC has taken advantage of this trend and emerged as the largest IT staffing and solution firm in the United States. This success is partly attributed to the leadership of John Goullet.

John Goullet

Goullet is a graduate of Ursinus College, Pennsylvania, where he attained his Bachelors and Masters degree in computer science. His career began as an accounting consultant before he then switched to IT staffing. In 1994, Goullet started Info Technologies. With his experience and knowledge on the corporate climate and its IT staffing needs, Goullet turned Info Technologies into a successful venture. In less than five years, Info Technologies racked in a portfolio of about $ 30 million. Goullet remained as the CEO of Info Technologies from 1994 up to 2010 when he merged with Gene Waddy, and they founded DIVERSANT LLC.


DIVERGENT’s key products include IT staffing augmentation, direct-hire and innovative diversity solutions. The company is dedicated to providing diversity in its supply chain in a bid to provide innovative solutions to their clients. DIVERSANT has specialized in providing other firms with IT talents on contingent, contract, and permanent basis. The company determines the level of expertise of their applicants and then assign them according to their needs and those of their clients. In this way, DIVERSANT ensures that both the needs of their client and those of their workers are satisfied.

Goullet’s Business Principles

John Goullet has been the Principal of DIVERSANT LLC ever since 2010. His expertise and passion have helped DIVERSANT develop superior solutions for the ever changing IT market place. Due to its practical and solid business principles, the company is currently preferred by most of the Fortune 500 companies.

Goullet believes in discipline, team work and ethical behavior as the foundational traits of his success and expects the same of all of DIVERSANT’s team. He also values team work, which produces the synergy for coming up with innovative solutions. However, his success demonstrates that innovativeness needs to be backed by strong personal attributes such as diligence and teamwork for it to work for an entrepreneur.

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