Andy Wirth Heads Initiative to Improve His Area

Squaw Valley Resort has been planning to expand for a while now. Luckily, the expansion plan has been approved at yet another level along the way. The Placer County Planning Commission approved the project in the fall. Now, it goes on to the County Board of Supervisors where it will be reviewed for final approval.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw. Andy Wirth says he is pleased with how civil the meeting went, as well as the depth of the discussion about the main issue in the plan. He agreed with the general idea that traffic and transit was too overwhelming and there needed to be something done to make things better. He also commented that it had almost nothing to do with the redevelopment that his company wanted to do.

Jesse Patterson, the deputy director of the initiative called League to Save Lake Tahoe, said that the region couldn’t stand more traffic. He voiced that his main concern, and those of others, was that further projects wouldn’t be able to be done in the future due to the traffic.

Wirth wants to take a position of leadership to help fix the issue of traffic. He said that his initiatives would possible be “in front of voters as soon as this fall…” to offer a reliable and paid-for mass transit system in Placer County and northern Lake Tahoe.

Patterson, of The League, would like to see it in writing, he expressed. He doesn’t feel that the commitment is substantial without documentation. He thinks it’s just talk.

The Placer County Board of Supervisors isn’t just considering the Martis Valley West or Squaw proposals this fall, but also other land-use for northern Lake Tahoe. Wirth has worked loyally to make Lake Tahoe a world-class destination for tourists as the CEO of the popular Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth also gives largely to community service and environmental organizations in Lake Tahoe to improve the quality of living for everyone there.

According to Ironman and WSJ, Wirth is an interesting leader. He has been in an almost-fatal accident involving skydiving, which motivated him to co-found “Wounded Warrior Support,” which is a team for the Ironman competition. It is to honor the men of the Navy SEALs via raising money for the Navy SEAL Foundation. This organization provides support to special ops members, as well as their families when they return back home.

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