How To Be An Accomplished Finance Executive Like Brian Bonar

edited for appearance 9/14/2016

Finance Executives have a lot in common, and it takes more than just hard skills, an impressive investment portfolio, and expert experiences. Without proper skills, a finance professional will not be able to lead a company in the right and stable direction. There is more that goes into a classy finance executive and one’s professional makeup. Unveiling one’s begrudged personality traits of the finance sector is the way to go and will spice up how a company is managed. Versatility is also an essential element since every company has a different company culture that is vital to mutually beneficial management. Some companies have embarked on personality tests to better assess the traits of potential financial executives for their firms.

With almost 30 years of expert management experience in the culinary and financial sectors, Brian Bonar has portrayed exactly this. As the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corp., Mr. Bonar is exclusively positioned to supervise activities of the company. He has handled a broad variety of employer and employee benefits and aftermarket goods. Dalrada Financial Corp. specializes in offering its clients with a broad base of employee products that heighten business productivity. These services comprise of financial management, promotional and business management services, risk management insurance and employee benefits.

Brian Bonar serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of color management software and service organization for digital imaging hardware. He has applied a high level of leadership that has enabled him transform the company from a developer to a marketing organization. Through strategic acquisition, Bonar has assisted in expanding the company’s market to that of offering products and services. ITEC has now identified an opportunity to offer its target markets by providing specific administrative services.

His incomparable finance leadership background has established a solid foundation for his exclusive career. He has been successful in the industry due to some personal traits and ideologies he holds. His flexibility in leadership has allowed him to achieve great success in the various firms he has headed. Before joining ITEC, Mr. Bonar served as the CEO, CFO, Treasurer, Secretary and Director of Trucept Inc, where he made principal changes amidst his reign. He has also worked for Adaptec Inc., a laser printer company based in San Jose. He once served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation as well as Executive Director of Engineering for QMS that specializes in color and monochrome printing equipment. Not to mention his 17 hard working years with IBM Limited based in the United Kingdom. His extensive experience is well depicted from the firms he has worked for.

His résumé is however not complete without the undergraduate degree from Strathclyde, a master’s and a doctorate from Staffordshire University.


Twitter: @brian_bonar_mcs

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