The Hedge Fund Industry Is Facing Major Changes And Stephan Murray’s CCMP Capital Is Changing Too

When Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital, the firm was just breaking away from the JP Morgan/Chase investment firm. JP Morgan is considered the largest bank in the world. The firm has diversified over the years for a number of reasons. Most of those reasons involved moneymaking, so when the partners at JP Morgan decided to start a new investment firm, they asked long-time associate Stephen Murray to be the Chief Executive Officer of that new venture. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s skill as an investment banker was well known in the investment industry, so he was a natural choice. JP Morgan made that decision in 2006. Murray was the catalyst that produced high returns for the investors in CCMP Capital for the next eight years.

Stephen Murray had the brains, the education, and the charisma to lead an investment firm through the turbulent Great Recession, and he also had to insight to expand the asset base of the firm in 2009 when the values of assets around the world were at their lowest point in decades. CCMP Capital, under Murray’s leadership, had more than $3.6 billion in assets under management before he passed away in 2015. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital only invested $100 to $500 million in assets in the first years of operations, so building that kind of asset base was a major accomplishment for Murray.

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Raised in New York, Murray was the ultimate New Yorker. He went to College in Boston, but he quickly returned to New York City to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Columbia University. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was able to get a job with Manufacturers Hanover Trust right out of school, and he stayed there after the merger with JP Morgan in 2000. Murray had the ability to pick investment winners, and that trait earned him the title of Vice-President. Along with that title came a big paycheck. Stephen was earning millions when he became the CEO of CCMP Capital, and during the nine years he oversaw the investment firm, he made millions more.

The hedge fund industry started to crack a little back in 2014, but CCMP Capital held its ground. While hundreds of hedge fund closed in 2015, CCMP stayed the course but adjusted their internal operations to make up for the loss of Stephen Murray. The investment firm still considers Murray one of the best investment managers in the business, and the partners continue to do what Murray always did. They are still producing excellent returns for their investors.

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