Sharing an Office in Manhattan, Workville NYC is the Prime Example


Shared office spaces are the latest concept for entrepreneurs, freelancers and people starting their own businesses who want to avoid the typical office. Co-working spaces consist of offices, suites, and cubicles that are rented out individually instead of renting an entire office or building for your business.

Smaller businesses work amazingly well in this arrangement for many reasons, so co-working communities are becoming popular in everywhere from New York City to Miami to LA.

The Millenial Generation are filling these buildings because it fits their lifestyle so well, and other business owners are doing the same. Saving money is a major reason, and it is very understandable. The one, all-inclusive rent for the month includes security, lights, space, parking, endless coffee, typically, office cleaning and an environment that has a community feeling. It is non-threatening because there is no competition like there can be in a corporate setting.

Research and surveys reveal that the community feeling is one of the most important reasons for leaving a single office setting. Despite the fact that the monthly rent will be lower and there is more freedom to focus on work. You can forget about the “office duties” such as maintaining a clean office. or making coffee for the entire office.

Workville NYC is a spectacular example of shared co-working spaces in New York, in operation. Located at 1412 Broadway, Workville occupies the entire 21st floor. This a luxury office building with three terraces to step out and get a breath of fresh air or to have a private meeting. Office workers are able to come and go 24 hours a day, a feature for those who have atypical hours, and it has all of the usual amenities.

New workers are permitted to bid for their office space here. The offices are different sizes, and your bid includes your space along with the amenities. They also offer conference rooms for $100 an hour, virtual mail at $50 a month and anyone can rent space for an hour, a day or a week. Workville has created a community that thrives and invites others in to join them.

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