The Valuable Advice of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is someone that knows how to provide important advice. She is someone that has managed to become a very valuable voice for all of those that are trying to make the most of their time in the executive world.

McGalla is someone that has managed to rise in ranks because she had a vision from the very start. She knew early in her career that it would take a college degree to become a resource in the marketing world. There were too many glass ceilings for females that want to excel in business. Susan McGalla realized that she had a higher purpose than lower level grunt work on Bloomberg. She wanted to rise to CEO status and she knew that higher education was going to make that possible.

Today McGalla is one of the top executives in the business world, and people are still talking about all that she has been able to do in marketing. Her branding experience in the clothing industry is quite impressive. She has managed to become a leader that has studied her craft well. She even started her own company at one time. McGalla has decades of experience in the world of building brands, and she managed to get a lot of people interested in what she is saying.

Even now McGalla still believes that education is the key to better opportunities in the business world. That is what she is telling the nation of women that are looking for a chance to compete with others in the marketing world on She knows that this is the stepping stone to success so she urges many people to take the plunge and get started early. Once education is gained in the profession a person has to pick a career and get good at what they are doing.

Susan McGalla was with American Eagle for 14 years. She didn’t elevate from one position to the next by failing to know her job. To the contrary, she did her job with excellence and found the favor that it took to get promoted to the next level. That is what females today must do. They have to work hard to elevate from where they started. They cannot get comfortable and complacent in one job. They also cannot waste their time trying to build a career in marketing if they don’t know the fundamentals. Education is everything in the marketing world.

Skills Only Hiring Gives Women More Job Opportunities

When an resume screener is unaware of a job applicant’s gender, they tend to interview more women at tech companies. This is according to the results of a study of an experiment that tech jobs recruiter company, Speak With a Geek, recently completed. They removed gender from the submitted job applications and discovered that women were basically being discriminated against. Male hiring personnel consistently are biased in their hiring decisions towards men over considering women.


Major technology firms need to pay attention to this problem if they are going to be taken seriously about build a diverse employee base. Speak With a Geek has been in operation since 1999. Recently, they shared the results of their ‘blind job applications.’ The idea was to remove all personally identifiable details from each job application, for both men and women. Hiring decisions were based purely on their actual qualifications, without race, gender, or schooling clouding the application screeners’ judgement.


Speak With a Geek submitted 5,000 of their job candidates to a group of tech companies seeking employees. First, they made no change to the traditional practice of identifying applicants’ names, schooling, background, and experience. Only 5 percent of applicants selected were women. When they ran the experiment, suppressing all those personally identifiable details, the percentage of women selected for interview jumped up to 54 percent women!


This issue has become a really big deal for the technology sector. Companies like Facebook, Google, Intel Corp., and Apple are publicly traded firms that are required to release annual reports on the status of their operations, revenue streams, and employee diversity. Comparing these public company reports over many years, there seems little improvement in the hiring of women applicants. One major tech company has only about 32 percent female employees and has consistently only grown that number by 1 point per year.


The causes for these limitations for qualified women workers in high tech has been identified by Speak With a Geek. The company is promoting the removal of any traces of race or gender in job applications and resumes during the application analysis phase of hiring. Part of the problem in the minds of hiring personnel seems to be a prejudice towards men when it comes to jobs such as writing computer code. Read more about this issue in this CNET article.

Ken Goodrich ensures progressive growth of Goettl Air Conditioning

Since Ken Goodrich acquired it, Goettl Air Conditioning has been growing fast. The company has expanded to several locations. It offers the best and most efficient air conditioning services in Las Vegas. Goettl made a massive step to forward growth through the acquisition of Moore Air conditioning. Moore consists of a team of highly trained experts that have offered air conditioning services for more than 50 years. The merging of the two companies creates a 200-year expertise in the Goettl Team.

The recent acquisition indicates that Goettl remains true to its vision and mission. The company has always had a mission to provide to its customers the best services when it comes to air conditioning. The addition of Moore, a highly trained and experienced team, will enable Goettl grow fast and provide one of the best and most quality air conditioning systems.

The company recently moved to Las Vegas where it avails its residential and commercial services. Goettl is now in a position to offer the best air conditioning services in Las Vegas. According to the company owner, Ken Goodrich, he wants Goettl to expand its business by 50% by 2017. The move is seen by the acquisition of Moore Air Conditioning. The company plans to add a new workforce of 100 employees in the coming months.

Goettl knows the right place to source for technicians that will boost the company. Technicians will be acquired from the College of Southern Nevada. The company has an air conditioning technology program in the school. Ken Goodrich has started several programs that train air conditioning in honor of his father who was in HVAC. Mr. Goodrich has partnered with several other schools where he has worked. He graduated from Nevada College after training for air conditioning for two years.

Goettl Air Conditioning has a long history that goes as early as the 1930s. The company was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl brothers in 1939. The company relocated to Las Vegas in 1968 and later to Southern Nevada. Ken Goodrich acquired the company in 2013 and moved it back to Las Vegas in 2016. For more than 75 years now, Goettl has provided high-quality AC and heating equipment and services. The company services range from air conditioning replacement, maintenance, and repair. Goodrich’s expertise in HVAC equipment goes as early as age ten. He was well-trained by his father who was an HVAC expert.


Internet Overload

The Internet is a good thing (most of the time). Anyone that uses it can tell you so. It is the information highway that homeowners freak out about when their ISP goes down for a moment. The Internet is also the thing that we use anytime that there are questions in our minds that need answers. There typically websites that cover just about everything that people want to know about anything. For some people, igornance may still be bliss.

There are some people that may even say that the Internet has ruined a lot of experiences that would have otherwise been better if there was no website in place for these things. Traveling, for example, has become so much easier now that there are so many different websites out there. The obvious problem, however, is that the information that is posted by so many users can play with the mind. People that may have been excited about a trip can find themselves backtracking on a vacation because they read the bad experience that someone else may have had. According to Buzzfeed contributor Annie Daly, there are more than 350 million reviews on Trip Advisor. Anyone that has said that one should do everything in moderation was not wrong. The person that also said that there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing was also speaking the truth.

The Internet is repsonsible for all of that bountiful information. The same thing ca be said for what is happening in the music world. There was a time when people had to work harder and become groomed for a recording contract. Today there are tons of people that are discovered over the Internet. People don’t even buy albums anymore. A person that wants to hear music can hear anything that they want on Youtube. This cuts down on the listerners of radio stations. That is also music streaming, but no one knows which one to pick because there are no many to consider. This is yet another gift and curse of the Internet.

Fewere people are able to connect, socialize and develop personal relationships because everyone is chatting and posting stuff on Facebook. The Internet is good, but Internet overload is not.

Apple Pay Coming To A Transit System Near You

One hassle that people experience riding the public transit system is having the exact change to pay the transit system or having the right amount of money in their pockets to pay for a ticket, token, or card. Of course, this depends on the part of the country that you live in too. Some transit systems make it easy for you to pay your transit fare, while others are still in the stone ages. You walk up to a booth and must pay cash for a transit ticket. This involves waiting in long lines and usually missing your train or bus. However, Apple pay would like to make riding the public transit system much easier.


Apple Pay Coming To A Transit System Near You

The fact is that we are a mobile society. People are far more attached to their smart-phone than you might think. People stay in contact with others via their smart-phone. They check their email, surf the Internet, check web pages, check their social media page, or search for information via their smart-phone. Certainly, the smart-phone is a modern convenience. Wouldn’t it be great, if one could use their smart-phone to make a purchase or even pay for a ticket on the transit system? Well, Apple Pay might be coming to a public transit system in your town. A large number of public transit systems have decided to add mobile pay to their system.


Japanese Railway Goes Mobile

The idea of mobile payments on the public transit system is very exciting for people that are regular commuters on public transit systems. They no longer have to worry about having the required fare on hand for transit fare. Instead, they take their mobile device and swipe. Japanese railway JR East is going to start mobile payments with Apple Pay later this month through their Suica payment system. The upgraded Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and Apple Watch support the system. Meanwhile, New York commuters now have the ability to use the Apple Pay system with their MTA e Tix app.

JMH Development finishes a major property in South Beach

Miami is a beautiful city that attracts millions of beautiful people every year. The city has wonderful beaches, bars, and people. Because the city is constantly attracting new and bright people, there is a constant demand for new developments. To keep the city exciting top real estate developers are constantly working with their partners to change life for the better. JMH Development is one of the top real estate developers in the city, and they are constantly working to change Miami for the better.


Recently, JMH Development opened a huge new hotel in South Beach. This new hotel includes 235 rooms and is the ideal building for trendy Miami Beach. Jason Halpern is a major leader at JMH Development, and he is extremely confident in the deal. JMH Development worked on the hotel in partnership with Madden Real Estate Ventures. The development reused an old property, the old Motel Ankara, and it also added an eight-story tower. Plaza Construction handled the construction and the company hired ADD, Inc as the architect for the project. The project went extremely smoothly, and Aloft South Beach opened in 2015.


Since opening in 2015, Aloft South Beach re-branded itself as Gate Hotel. The Gate hotel is a major improvement for hotel goers in South Beach. The hotel offers the nicest possible facilities, and they also offer huge rooms. The average room is 360 square feet, much larger than competing hotel rooms. Gate hotel also offers visitors access to prime waterfront property. The property has access to both Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast, and it is only a block away from Miami Beach. The hotel is sure to be a great success.


JMH Development is extremely proud of this project. The company is a leading full-service real estate development company that is changing the marketplace. Jason Halpern founded the company several years ago. Halpern has years of experience in the field and comes from a talented real estate family. Jason has built a great reputation in the real estate field because he is willing to build relationships with people throughout every city. He expects JMH Development to keep growing for years to come.


Goettl Air Conditioning Emphasizes the Importance of Protecting Pets Against Heat

Goettl Air Conditioning is not just a company that focuses on hitting sales targets and providing quality services to the residents of Las Vegas. Goettl is also a company that constantly shows concern for the welfare of their clients as well as their furry friends.

Extreme and constantly changing weather conditions, especially in Las Vegas, do not just affect humans. Part of why it is important to hire professionals to maintain air conditioning units in homes is so that everyone in the household, including house pets, can live comfortably while staying protected against hot and humid weather. Extreme heat after all is a major cause of heat stroke and hyperthermia. The problems are especially problematic for dogs.

No matter what season it is, it is important to take measures to make sure every member of the family is safe from the effects of hot weather. Here are easy-to-do tips recommended by Goettl, the leading air conditioning company in Las Vegas:

Keep Those Paws Off the Pavement

During hot weather, especially in the summer, pavements can be deceiving. Whether it is truck beds, asphalt, or cement, these surfaces can be hotter than they appear in the eyes of pets. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is best to avoid placing pets on hot surfaces since these places tend to be scorching hot and can potentially burn their paws. If the sidewalk is too hot to touch, then it is best to walk pets later in the day or in the evening.

Pets Need Sunscreen Too

It is not just humans that need constant sun protection. Do keep in mind that animals with short and light-colored coats are more likely to get sunburned. There are pet-safe sunscreens available on the market. They should be applied to their ears and nose at least 30 minutes before going outdoors.

Grooming is Key

Grooming is extremely important and this is especially true in warmer temperatures. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends regular grooming to promote better circulation and temperature regulation. It is best to ask a vet for advice on what the right haircut is best for your pet.

Aside from these steps, it is crucial to have a reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system at home. This is key to having stable temperature indoors that both pet owners and pets will benefit from immensely.

Goettl is a trusted name in the air conditioning industry with over 75 years of experience in providing professional services to residents in the Las Vegas area. The company was founded by Gust and Adam Goettl and is now headed by CEO, Ken Goodrich.

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Making it in the REAL Estate Industry- Boraie Development LLC

Being an entrepreneur like Omar Boraie is one thing and having a successful enterprise is another thing altogether. Real estate business has been growing tremendously in the recent years with investors in the industry getting a high yield in profit. Establishing a real estate company is not an easy task as a huge amount of capital is needed.

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company that offers a broad range of services in the construction industry. The company was founded by Omar Boraie an Egyptian immigrant who relocated to New Brunswick 40 years ago. Omar is a Ph.D. holder in Chemistry. The company is responsible for providing services such as real estate development, sales, and marketing, as well as property management.

The real estate company constructed a two-tower building in 1985 at 120 Albany Street just to the spring street corner. The founder of the organization describes them the construction of the building as a scramble. Boraie mentioned the intervention of the large pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson as a big step that enabled them to construct the building. The Boraie Development LLC of Omar Boraie is proud of what they have been doing, and today they can excitedly stand in the hallway of 120 Albany streets where their headquarters is located and show the number of buildings they have constructed and the ones in progress.

Currently, the Boraie Development LLC on is putting up a building that will be a New York-style apartment tower at One Spring Street downtown. They have described the apartments to super-high-end and mentioned that there is nothing else that can compete with the apartments in New Jersey. The company has hired a competitive team of architect and are targeting the who is who in the society as their customers.

Boraie Development LLC does not only engage in the construction business but it also a property management firm. They know how important is to manage resources and they have this as their inclusive policy. The organization understands the importance of managing property as it enables them generate extra value to their asset over time. They are responsible for renovating their properties often as well as retaining them with incomparable details. Boraie property management services include maintenance, accounting, administration, leasing, customer service as well as marketing.

Omar Boraie is enthusiastic and devoted to engage their vision, reliability and capital to every project they undertake. The company has been in existence for 30 years and have gained experience in the real estate industry making them the most pursued after company in New Jersey. Their aim is to develop projects that attract tenants, residents and financial partners who see the benefit of their long term proprietorship commitment.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7s Bites The Dust

Most people are probably very familiar with all the problems that were reported concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. For example, reports surfaced about a person that had that model on a plane. It was reported that the phone exploded. Other reports have surfaced about similar problems occurring with the phone model. Certainly, this led to major concern for any consumer that owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. Samsung Electronics seemed to be ignoring the world-wide criticism of the phone. This led to consumers thinking that the company did not care about their customers’ safety. Well, things have changed. Samsung is pulling the plug on production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones permanently.


Samsung Galaxy News

Recently, Samsung stopped the production of the popular phone series. This was in response to all the negative press that was surrounding the defective device that they produced. Reports were continually surfacing about people reporting that the battery in their Samsung Galaxy would explode without any notice. This led to a lot of concern and some transportation services banning the Samsung Galaxy. Numerous people were taking a second look at the device that was manufactured by the South Korean company. Some consumers were starting to lose faith in Samsung too.


Defects Discovered

Samsung announced that they had discovered defects in the Samsung Galaxy 7s battery that caused explosions. Well, this was something that their customers were already too familiar with and very nervous about. Their delay in announcing their plans to pull the phone out of production resulted in sales dropping along with the price of shares with their company. This is the biggest financial crisis that the company has experienced in years. China’s product safety regulatory also announced that it would immediately recall all the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that were sold in mainland China. It is reported that sales amounted to about 191,000 units.


Samsung Refunds On The Horizon

Samsung has decided to do the right thing and refund the price of the phone to customers in China or replace the phone with another Samsung phone model.

Watch Free Movies Online

Watching free movies online is a convenient and frugal way to see the movies you love right from the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need to watch these free online movies are a computer or TV with an Internet connection.

There are plenty of places to watch free movies online but the places listed below have the largest amount of movies, are safe for your computer or TV, and are legal for you to use. Many of these websites also have free movie apps so you can access the free movies on your mobile device.

These aren’t movie clip or trailers, they are free full-length movies that you can watch beginning to end with perhaps a few commercial interruptions. All genres of movies can be found as well from comedy to drama from horror to action. There are movies from big-name studios to older or independent movies that many of us love to watch over and over again.

There are also free movies you can download that fall under public domain as well as free movies just for the kids and tons of free documentaries.

If you don’t find the free movie you’re looking for, be sure to check out how you can get free DVD rentals including free movies from Redbox and free movie ticketsto screenings in your area. If it’s summer time and your kids love movies as much as you do then check out all the theaters where they can see free summer movies.

You can also find out what are the best places to watch free TV online so you don’t miss out on any of your favorite shows.

Check out this guide to find out what you need in order to watch these free movies online. You can also see  comparisons of the top free movie websites to find out how they stack up against each other.