VTA Publications is Destined for Greatness


VTA Publications Ltd. has worked to serve consumers since 2012. It not only publishes distance learning course but also provides events organization services that take care of specialist interest. Since its inception, customers have continued to enjoy and appreciate the information products, a sign that it quells the thirst of consumers for authoritative information.


Skilled Personnel


Driven by the desire to produce the best, VTA Publications Ltd.’s many contacts employ a blend of hard work and team play. These attributes collude to give the best, pushing the company up the ranks among its peers. The company’s mission, ‘to provide our customers with cutting edge information but digitally and physically with emphasis on economics and finance,’ is the driving force that works magic in helping employees to focus on delivering. In a nutshell, VTA Publications Ltd. is nothing short of a game changer. The company aims at sourcing skilled personnel to join the team of men and women who, to say the least, walk the walk. That can only ensure the growth of the company and leaves no room for under-delivery and poor performance.

About Jim Hunt


Poring over Jim Hunt’s skills in the trade, we can authoritatively call Jim Hunt a pro in the game. His expertise in the field is unmatched, not even with the professionals. He asserts that one only needs to arm themselves with a few tricks and success in stock market investment would be inevitable. He goes ahead to state that one can easily outwit the professionals with the simple tricks added to the basket of stock market knowledge. Over the years, Jim has spent a significant time sharing his experience in the stock investment field, discerning and opening up the tricky sections of the trade.


Jim is an employee of a financial research firm and regularly travels between the US and the UK. He has taken advantage of various weekend boot camps he organizes at Heathrow to spread the knowledge he has gathered over the years. His audience, hailing from all over the world, are keen to absorb in every information from Jim. The numerous testimonials are proof that the seminars are never a disappointment to the attendees.

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