Apple Pay Coming To A Transit System Near You

One hassle that people experience riding the public transit system is having the exact change to pay the transit system or having the right amount of money in their pockets to pay for a ticket, token, or card. Of course, this depends on the part of the country that you live in too. Some transit systems make it easy for you to pay your transit fare, while others are still in the stone ages. You walk up to a booth and must pay cash for a transit ticket. This involves waiting in long lines and usually missing your train or bus. However, Apple pay would like to make riding the public transit system much easier.


Apple Pay Coming To A Transit System Near You

The fact is that we are a mobile society. People are far more attached to their smart-phone than you might think. People stay in contact with others via their smart-phone. They check their email, surf the Internet, check web pages, check their social media page, or search for information via their smart-phone. Certainly, the smart-phone is a modern convenience. Wouldn’t it be great, if one could use their smart-phone to make a purchase or even pay for a ticket on the transit system? Well, Apple Pay might be coming to a public transit system in your town. A large number of public transit systems have decided to add mobile pay to their system.


Japanese Railway Goes Mobile

The idea of mobile payments on the public transit system is very exciting for people that are regular commuters on public transit systems. They no longer have to worry about having the required fare on hand for transit fare. Instead, they take their mobile device and swipe. Japanese railway JR East is going to start mobile payments with Apple Pay later this month through their Suica payment system. The upgraded Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and Apple Watch support the system. Meanwhile, New York commuters now have the ability to use the Apple Pay system with their MTA e Tix app.

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