JMH Development finishes a major property in South Beach

Miami is a beautiful city that attracts millions of beautiful people every year. The city has wonderful beaches, bars, and people. Because the city is constantly attracting new and bright people, there is a constant demand for new developments. To keep the city exciting top real estate developers are constantly working with their partners to change life for the better. JMH Development is one of the top real estate developers in the city, and they are constantly working to change Miami for the better.


Recently, JMH Development opened a huge new hotel in South Beach. This new hotel includes 235 rooms and is the ideal building for trendy Miami Beach. Jason Halpern is a major leader at JMH Development, and he is extremely confident in the deal. JMH Development worked on the hotel in partnership with Madden Real Estate Ventures. The development reused an old property, the old Motel Ankara, and it also added an eight-story tower. Plaza Construction handled the construction and the company hired ADD, Inc as the architect for the project. The project went extremely smoothly, and Aloft South Beach opened in 2015.


Since opening in 2015, Aloft South Beach re-branded itself as Gate Hotel. The Gate hotel is a major improvement for hotel goers in South Beach. The hotel offers the nicest possible facilities, and they also offer huge rooms. The average room is 360 square feet, much larger than competing hotel rooms. Gate hotel also offers visitors access to prime waterfront property. The property has access to both Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast, and it is only a block away from Miami Beach. The hotel is sure to be a great success.


JMH Development is extremely proud of this project. The company is a leading full-service real estate development company that is changing the marketplace. Jason Halpern founded the company several years ago. Halpern has years of experience in the field and comes from a talented real estate family. Jason has built a great reputation in the real estate field because he is willing to build relationships with people throughout every city. He expects JMH Development to keep growing for years to come.


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